Thursday, September 10, 2009

what i've been up to...

yesterday i had to go to the dentist. i'm not one of those people who is terrified of the dentist, but i don't really enjoy going. who does? i've been having a lot of sensitivity in one of my back molars and was expecting to have a huge filling replaced. so my belief is if you're going to do something not fun or even painful, the experience is so much better if you're dressed cute! don't you agree? so i put on my new old navy grey & black dress ($15 and in lots of colors) over black leggings, accessorized with a little red jewelry and was ready to face the dentist chair. except i didn't have to get a filling...he said i was dealing with a combination of recessed gum and root sensitivity along with a stress fracture in my tooth. he filed my tooth down to help my bite, and said i would need a crown on the tooth after i deliver sadie. so at least for today, i'm good!

after the dentist, i met mike at carino's (am i the last person to realize the restaurant is no longer called johnny carino's?) and we had the two can lunch for $ was pretty yum. i got a house salad and chicken fettucine and he got the wedge salad and meatball panini. we had a coupon for a free dessert, so we ordered the tiramisu. after taking one bite, i remembered that their tiramisu has lots of rum in it, so we asked the waiter to bring us the turtle cheescake instead. i figured he would think we were just trying to get two free desserts, but he was really nice about it. and the turtle cheesecake was heavenly!

here i am in my 'dentist' outfit after lunch! i've also been scrapbooking a lot lately...i'm working on a conception/pregnancy journal to let sadie know how much she was wanted and all the feelings i felt trying to and finally getting pregnant!

for each doctor's visit, i write about it on a piece of cardstock and stick it in these cute envelopes with the date of the visit on the outside...

and here is one of sadie's pics from last week... love those vintage-y letters (got all materials at Crop Paper Scissors) journal: Creative Imaginations, papers & stickers: October Afternoon, Cherry Hill

and one of my huge goals before sadie is born is to finish scrapping my wedding album, only 7 years later! I use American Crafts 12x12 albums for all my scrapbooks, and the one for our wedding album has a black fabric spine. My theme for the album is black, pink, and green and I'm using a combination of Heidi Swapp stuff, Paper Studio, and a bunch of other papers/embellies.
(sorry the pics aren't that great)

this page is not black/pink/green, but i just loved the simplicity of the b&w picture with an all white page. one of my faves!

let's see...what else? oh, last night i felt so yuck! my blood pressure was super low and i felt nauseated the whole evening. mike had a talk at the meeting, so mom came over and made me hot chocolate and gave me a foot rub with eucalyptus lotion. about 1:30 this morning, i woke up so sick, but thankfully it passed quickly and i got back to sleep aroudn 2:30. so today, i just feel blah! it's overcast here and i just feel like i can hardly i could take a really long nap. so on days like this, what makes me feel better is some candy (currently eating some peanut m&ms) and watching Something's Gotta 'sick day' movie. I could watch this movie a million times and not get tired of it...mainly because i LOVE the house in the hamptons and that little cafe they eat at in paris.

pics from architectual digest
have a good thursday!


  1. girl, you have been busy! i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you've done in your wedding album. you better save something for the retreat~you won't have anything left to do! (and you look adorable!)

  2. beautiful scrapbook pages!!!! And a wonderful idea with the book for Sadie. I wish I had done more of that with Jackson.

  3. I love your scrapbooks! They are beautiful and classy.

    Thanks for your comments! Yes, I get told I look like Natalie a lot! I take it as a compliment! :)

    I got the cupcake print here:

    They have so many things I want to order!

    Love your dentist outfit! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Cute outfit! Love the scrapbook(s)! Lovely!

  5. That's my girl! You and Susanne have such cute ideas and personalities...I love your mind games---where did you get those I wonder?!? Your scrapbook pages are so pretty!