Thursday, October 23, 2014

friday favorites {i love fall!}

it's friday!! and i'm linking up with andrea & erika for friday favorites!

even though this is my {fall-ish} friday favorites, i just have to say that these downy unstoppables have changed my world when it comes to laundry! they smell heavenly and make me happy each time i start a load to wash, which is a very good thing.

i've been burning this autumn harvest candle from target for weeks now and it just smells like fall! at $10 this is such a steal, especially because it smells exactly like williams-sonoma's spiced chestnut candle.

just picked up this body wash from b&b works this week--i wasn't sure how i would feel about smelling like pumpkin (i'd rather be eating it ;) but i LOVE this one!

these toms are going to be worn SO much this fall and winter..and with everything because leopard print is totally a neutral right?!

and lastly one of my favorite pictures with my FAVORITE guy...we are celebrating our 12th anniversary this weekend! our little family dinner & gifts tomorrow night, big family dinner on saturday, and anniversary brunch on sunday (the actual date ;)
happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

what i wore

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy today for what i wore wednesday...where we get out of our yoga pants and put real clothes on ;)

this day i was taking sadie to ballet
jeans-loft..favorite jeans ever (distressed modern skinny)
leopard flats-steve madden

 running errands and out to dinner
pants-matilda jane
silver flats-nine west (i think?)

okay so i didn't make it out of workout wear this day! haha! this was going to the grocery store..
workout top-old navy clearance

taking s to ballet again
flats-steve madden

lunch and hair cuts for both of us
top-gap outlet
jeans-loft (modern skinny dark wash)
red flats-target
sadie's outfit is from an online boutique!

fall picnic at the arboretum
honey hush baseball tee-junk gypsy
cheetah booties-toms

sunday meeting
sadie belle's dress is from gap!

pre-school and lunch
nude flats-nine west
so there you have it! it seems that i live in loft jeans this time of year!

have a great wednesday :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

weekend recap

hi hello! we had a fun & busy weekend..i started off the weekend hosting a thirty-one party on friday night. my friend jennifer, has just become a thirty-one consultant so this was her first party.  we had lasagna, pizza, caesar salad, breadsticks, cupcakes, and wine spritzer. YUM! and i didn't take one picture the whole night. :( the bags and prints for fall are super cute, i can't wait to get mine! check out thirty-one here.

saturday morning, we went in the ministry for a little while, then came home and relaxed. sadie rode in her barbie jeep while mike heated up some lasagna for us for lunch. isn't lasagna SO much better the second day?! i took a quick nap while mike watched football and sadie "rested" (played dress up in her room). then sadie went to nana's house to spend the evening with them, while mike and i got ready for our date night/anniversary dinner. before heading to dinner, i stopped by ulta to pick up a few things i've been needing like kenra hot spray, my favorite pureology shampoo, eyeliner, and i picked up an opi polish called malaga wine-so pretty & fallish!

speaking of nail polish..before we left i painted my nails opi's you don't know this color!
we had a few minutes, so we browsed through the shops in spice downtown, then we were off to diamondback's for dinner. here's my white russian cocktail..
 my food was delish! a steak and the most amazing macaroni and cheese

 it is SO completely dark in the restaurant so here are our attempts at a picture!! 
 haha! hello flash! 
 and...i have a flash of light running through the center of my head! ha!
so after our dinner, we tossed around the idea of a movie or dessert at the country club and just decided heb truffles and a redbox movie it was! #we'reoldandtired
but it really was a wonderful *12th* anniversary dinner. love you honey!
 at breakfast on sunday morning with our favorite little 4 year old. on the menu was pumpkin toast, bacon (of course ;) and a strawberry banana smoothie.
 then it was time to plan my week! is it crazy how happy a blank week in my planner and my colored pens make me?!

and here's the finished week. it's going to be good & busy!

susanne and i had a text convo about hair and i showed her this pic of how i would like to fix my hair while i'm growing it out. but somehow my real hair never turns out as cute as my pinterest pics!

we went to our meeting sunday afternoon, then picked up take out from mama fu's on the way home.  sadie was in bed early & so were we! 

happy monday to you :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

come on in! *kitchens*

hi! today i'm linking up with in her come on in series...i love love looking at houses, so i guess it's good i'm a realtor right?!

today we're looking at favorite part of any house. we built our house almost 6 years ago, and i splurged a bit in the kitchen but i feel like it's been so worth it as much as i'm in here.

so this is looking into the kitchen from mike's office...i wanted plenty of storage so we did an island plus a buffet, and i use every inch of storage space! i did painted white cabinets with black granite for a classic, timeless look.  i {love} my gas range and double ovens-i chose the ge monogram brand instead of viking to save some money and have never had any problems with it at all. you can't see my farmhouse sink from this picture but it's from whitehaus and i absolutely adore it!!  the pendant lights we switched recently..found them for a steal at lowe's. my breakfast room orb light is from ballard designs.
 this is my buffet which separates the kitchen from the living room. i have large pots and pans and reusable containers in the two big drawers, then towels, sandwich bags, and sadie's plates and bowls in the little drawers. my collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines are in the open shelves, then the pull out drawer hides the trash can!
 i enjoy having the glass front upper cabinets but it also means they always have to be organized and pretty ;-)
 we made what was the formal dining room on the plans into mike's office so this is our dining area...i do wish we had a couple more feet of room around the table but it works fine for us! the farmhouse table i got at spice in waco when they sold furniture and the chairs are from pier 1. we added the extra storage cabinets/wine rack/coffee station into the plans and we love it!!
 it holds our white wine (mike hoards his red wine collection in his study ;-), our coffee and cappucino makers, wine glasses & the lowers cabinets i have bakeware, servings trays, and sadie's art drawer.
i hope you enjoyed taking a little tour of our kitchen and dining area!! happy tuesday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

menu for the week

i shop for groceries once a week. usually i would make my menu and grocery list on sunday night then shop for groceries on monday after gymnastics and after lunch, and when sadie and i were both tired from a busy morning.

instead i've started buying groceries on friday (the day my mom watches sadie) and it's worked out so much better.  i can zip through the store, buy and unload groceries SO much faster and easier now.

i always shop with a grocery list. otherwise, i'll wander through the aisles and get things i don't really need.  i think it's key to have both a menu for the week and a list-you only buy what you need/are going to use, and there's no wondering at 5pm what you're going to make for dinner!

i always make breakfast and dinner at home during the week. for breakfast, mike eats a yogurt every weekday morning, so i don't cook anything for him. but sadie and i will usually have french toast, rice cakes, peanut butter toast, banana bread or something like that with yogurt and always BACON. that girl could and does eat bacon almost every day of her life!! and i always make myself a hot chai tea to drink. lunch is a different story. i am a eat lunch out girl. like way too much. almost every day during the week. i justify it that we're usually already out running errands, doing gym or ballet or library, so it's just more convenient. which it is. but the truth is, i don't like making lunch. being a stay at home mama, we spend a lot of time at home. so it breaks up our day to have a nice lunch out. some of our favorite lunch spots are chick-fil-a, mcalister's, and chuy's.  so it's ironic that my picture for this post is a rare lunch at home day.  i made sadie a heart peanut butter and honey sandwich, grapes, and goldfish!

so back to dinners...i try to change up dinners so i don't make the same thing every week or even every two weeks, but some dishes we eat a lot like spaghetti or certain soups in the winter...i also DO NOT make a different dinner for sadie. never have. unless we're having something not kid friendly, like steak and sauteed spinach or something very spicy, she eats what we eat. and i don't do the "you can eat this or else eat cereal" thing. she's a really good eater, and i think part of the reason is i haven't ever given her a choice to be otherwise!

i cook 4-5 nights per week, with one pizza night and one out to eat night usually..i try to stick with that schedule, but some weeks it changes!

here's what we're eating this week:

monday-patty melt with mushrooms and swiss, parmesan oven fries
tuesday- leftover enchiladas from last friday
wednesday-chicken tortellini soup with mozzerella toast
thursday-parmesan crusted tilapia, sweet potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls
friday-pizza night
saturday-out to eat (out of town family staying with us)
sunday-out to eat

have a great week!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

anybody out there?

well...hello.  after a year and a half of no blogging, i have no clue if anybody will even read the ole blog anymore, but i want to write again. first a little update to let you know what we've been up to...

our first trip as a family to disney world. it was magical. and beautiful. and we were all sick. hello reality.

 i ran my first "race". and let me tell you something...when i sign up for a 3.2 mile race, that's what i expect to run. not 4.1 miles. that is just wrong. no wonder i felt like collapsing that last 1/2 mile.
 sadie belle learned how to ride a bike. no more baby girl here.
 we went to my happy place. well yes, i visit target weekly, but i'm talking about seaside, florida. it was perfect. and our next summer trip is already booked. cannot wait to go back.
celebrated our 11th anniversary with a trip to NYC and upstate New York...
 and a family dinner at my mom's house! aren't the girls in our family looking so colorful here?!

another item to note: instagram has taken any photography skills i thought i possessed and thrown them out the window. i never use my real camera anymore and don't even know where the sd card is! ha! well that's going to change. hello 2014-it's going to be a great year!

Friday, October 26, 2012

10 years

Happy 10th anniversary to the best husband! I love you!!