Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010

these pictures have nothing to do with the end of the year, i just thought they were so dang cute!

i can't believe this year is over. what a year!
our plans tonight include s'mores and popcorn and watching the 2nd night at the museum movie. exciting, no?
i will leave you with my sadie belle enjoying her bath...

see ya in 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


it has been one of those days. it started out not so great with me feeling bad and seemed never ending. by 5:15pm when mike got home, my body felt on the verge of collapse and my eyes filled with tears (just for a second or two) because i was so tired/hormonal and ready for a break. so while i finished cooking dinner for us, he fed sadie. after i gave her her bath, they played so i could sit and read blogs and do nothing. then he put her to bed so i could get in the bathtub. i just so appreciate having a husband who wants to and will volunteer to take care of sadie so i can get some alone time. i love my sweet sadie with all my heart, but at times, a mama needs a break.
so here is my little table beside my bathtub. i lit my volcano aloha candle from anthropologie and mike brought me in a glass of wine to drink while i soaked. the perfect smell of my candle and hot water really relaxed me and was just what i needed. here i am after my bath in my silky pjs, ready to get in bed with my wine and some hershey's chocolate and a good book.

good night!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

menu for the week

i'm a little late posting my menu for the week, but here it is: (accompanied by pictures of sadie and her new kitchen!)
monday- parmesan and artichoke chicken with zucchini and spiral pasta
tuesday-minestone soup, grilled cheese sandwicheswednesday-spagetti and green beans
thursday- leftovers
friday-ham, sweet potatoes, sauteed spinach

saturday-sausage breakfast burritos

not too inventive, but yummy!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

fun times

well we've had a great weekend. so busy and full of fun fun fun!! (picture overload ahead...)

first of all, our official 2o10 family photo
(taken by my very talented sister) this was at mom's house. so sweet of sadie and mckinlee reading a story

playing in the kitchen
after eating hamburgers that night, we came back over to our house to have s'mores at our outdoor fireplace. they were soooo yummy!

this picture makes me laugh because we have a vast array of different clothing on! it was super cold!

mck's marshmallow was super toasty ;)

quick family pic before our soup and game night...this is the only picture i got this night, but we had so much fun. we had chicken tortilla soup, minestrone soup, a cheese and cracker tray, and brownies and we played fun games.

today, while daddy washed my car, sadie and i went outside to play. i was cracking up because she stood like this the whole time she had the coat she couldn't move her arms because of the thick furry lining. plus the hood was too big and kept falling over her eyes and making her lose her balance. i couldn't quit laughing! but of course i helped her up!

my snow bunny

so we changed into a more manageable coat and hat and she was happy


and i loved this one-off center and so pretty of her!

doesn't she look like her daddy in this one?!

my big girl looking at her shadow

hi! (that's her word of choice this week....she says it all day long)

and quite possibly my favorite picture of the week
a cranberry sauce "soul patch"! haha!!

happy sunday!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

what we've been up to...

susanne and mckinlee have been here all week and we've had so much fun!! we got crafty with a necklace project from little miss's susanne working hard on it and our finished necklaces. aren't they precious?!

and i made a little clip for sadie from the extra eyelet lace!

today, mom treated to susanne and i to getting our nails done. we all got the gel nails with a french manicure. they said it's supposed to last 2 to 3 weeks. that would be fantastic because my nails usually chip after a couple of days!

here we are with our nails! thank you mom!!

and here is miss sadie who is quite the walker these days...

we're off to take family pics and make hamburgers, scalloped potatoes and salad for dessert!
have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

11 months

first of all, look at my sweet sadie belle SIX MONTHS AGO! i can't even believe how much she's changed, and how different she'll look in 6 more months! and here she is today. eleven months ago today i became a mama. it has been the most tiring, overwhelming, beautiful, and fantastic eleven months of my life.
she has made me more patient and selfless and so proud!
here are a few things about sadie at 11 months:
  • she is so loving. she loves to give kisses to her animals and to her books.
  • she weighs close to 24 pounds (i think)
  • she wears 12-18 months clothes
  • she is in between a 4 and 5 in shoes
  • she isn't shy and loves to be held by family and long as mama is in view!

(i was trying to get a picture of her and her frog and this is what i got!)

  • she loves to eat new things and is off baby food, except for some fruit in the mornings
  • she is walking
  • she says mama, dada, nana, oh yeah, no no, hi, puppy, and bye
  • she still loves baby einstein and likes to watch it in her play yard while she plays with her toys
  • she is all over the place and into everything! i spend most of my day chasing and/or picking up after her!
  • she is really into closing doors right now
  • she loves bath time and like to snuggle in her pajamas at nighttime
  • she is sleeping 10 hours straight before wanting a bottle, then sleeps another 2 hours usually
  • she is precious and we love her so much!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

what i wore wednesday

it's wednesday girls! i've missed a couple of weeks, but now i'm back on track!

striped turtleneck-forever 21
suede boots-kohl's

tank and sweater-old navy
boots-steve madden

this outfit reaaaallly needed a skinny leopard belt. i'm on the hunt for one.

skinnies-LC at kohl's
suede boots-kohl's

long sleeve tshirt-target (love their tissue tees!)
short sleeve tee-jcrew

top and skirt-downeast basics

long sleeve t-gap
skinnies-LC at kohl's
boots-steve madden

my new fave sweater-loft
boots-same steve madden (wow! i wore these a lot)

dress-dress barn
suede boots-kohl's
belt-not sure f21?
earrings-michele busch

sorry for the lack of mascara and lip gloss!

same new sweater-loft
same skinnies-LC at kohl's
same boots-steve madden
earrings-gift from mil

thanks for looking!!

go see other cute outfits at the pleated poppy...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

eater eater

this baby girl LOVES to eat! i've been giving bites of big people food for awhile now, but have recently switched over almost completely to table food. (she still has baby fruit and cereal some mornings and usually some meat and veggie baby food at night)...but i have never seen a baby eat so many different foods. i'm thrilled about that!
tonight she had chicken and squash baby food, plus some fruit and then ate a ton of green beans and sweet potato that i had cooked. her little belly was sticking out because she had eaten so much!! at lunch i usually give her a turkey sandwich or grilled cheese and usually avocado with it. she adores avocado and shoves it in her mouth as fast as she can. but don't worry, i'm not overfeeding her. she definitely stops eating when she's full! but among the various types of foods she likes to put in her mouth, we have found some other interesting things in her mouth too. and she always acts sneaky when she's got something not edible in her mouth. like i have to pry her mouth open to see what's in there. so far, we've found two spiders (at two different times) with some legs missing. ha!! and today she was chewing on a used band-aid. gross!
but how can you be upset with a little angel face like this??

and for my 1/2 menu for the week...i hate it when payday is in the middle of the week because i have to wait until wed. or thurs. to do the rest of my grocery i only have meals planned until wednesday. here they are:

monday-roast at my grandmother's, salad, green bean casserole
tuesday-chicken bow tie pasta (my sis' yummy recipe)
wednesday-soft tacos with avocado, sour cream, and cheese

good night!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


(sadie and i at our bible assembly last weekend)
so i've not been feeling very bloggy lately. don't know why.
-we've been super busy the last few weeks and it seems like they continue to fly by!
last weekend, we had our annual bible assembly in north texas and the information was fantastic. the part where we stayed up for 4 hours saturday night because sadie is not used to sleeping anywhere but her bed...not so great.
-this week i've been working a lot and each day seems busier than the day before.
-i've decided to get someone to help clean my house again. i feel like i need to justify it to myself, but i'm working, taking care of sadie full time, cooking every night, and keeping the house straight. is it wrong to want someone to come in and mop the floors and clean my baseboards? i don't think so. plus i'm going to give up some other "frivolous" expenses so i can afford a house cleaner. your thoughts?
-speaking of "frivolous" expenses...have you been to the loft lately? i went today and got some major deals. everything was an additional 40% off regular and sale items. woohoo!
-i was having a bang crisis, so before i got out the scissors, i called my mom and told her i was in the midst of a crisis. she said, "don't get out the scissors! i'll do it for you." ha!! so now i've got shorter bangs and i like them.
-after a listing appointment tonight, i went to the grocery store and bought makeup. i just love going and finding fun make up for like $4 or $5 a piece. i got some new eyeshadow and a new lipstick. of course, origins still has my heart for skin products and foundation...but you gotta love some cheap lipstick sometimes, right?!
happy (almost) friday!

Monday, December 6, 2010

sadie gets her ears pierced

today miss sadie belle got her ears pierced. i wanted to do it while she was still a baby and wouldn't remember, but i had been struggling whether i wanted to go to claire's or if it would be too germy. but it was really great! you pick out the earrings you want and they have individual plastic guns to pierce each ear so it's completely sanitary. and the girl wore gloves and disinfected everything, so i was happy.
here's sadie and daddy before. doesn't he look nervous?
she was not wanting to sit still in the chair

checking out what josie (our ear piercer) was doing

these next pics completely cracked me up!! what was that expression on my face?! worry for my baby girl or do i have something in my teeth i'm trying to pick out? hilarious. and look at poor sadie too.

and this one...i was probably in the middle of telling mike "don't take a picture right now."
and sadie after the first ear

going for the second ear

she really did great though!! a few minutes of crying and she was fine.
i'm glad that's over.
happy monday!