Friday, August 26, 2011

mommy breakfast and lunch with nana

yesterday i met jennifer, kami, and loni for a mommy breakfast at panera's...we had such a good time and got to talk all things baby related...including labor, delivery, nursing, preschool and on and on. it's so nice to be able to talk about all these things with girls who are going through or have just through it! and you know you're not boring them with baby talk because that's what on all our minds ;)

kami just had parker 7 weeks ago and loni's baby addison is 4 months..aren't they precious?!
jennifer is pregnant with logan and due in november and miss sadie is the oldest of the bunch-almost 20 months!! i cannot believe it! she stayed with my mom, and i got to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. but oh man, i forget how tiny babies are...i held parker and she just seemed itsy bitsy to me. (note to self: poof that hair up before you take a picture)
after breakfast i did a little shopping for our house. let me say that i have fallen back in love with pier 1. why did we end our relationship? no idea. but we are back on, pier 1, and oh how i love you! i also went to spice and got some great decorative things for the kitchen and living room. it's really coming together! can't wait to show you pictures. after all that shopping, i decided it was time to relax with a mani/pedi. i got a creamy white on my fingers and a dark brownish/purple on my toes.

today we met mom and les for lunch at mcalister' you ever go there? it seems like i'm there all the time. my current favs are the creamy potato soup and the southwest turkey melt. and of course, some sweet tea!

sadie was showing me her teeth here. ha!
and in a serious mood with mommy. i said, "you don't have to smile, just sit still" and this is what we got!
have a fantastic weekend...mine will be full of football talk since saturday is mike's second fantasy football draft...thank goodness, now with his hobby here again, maybe he'll leave the couponing to me :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the one with the funny glasses

what an interesting few days we've had...sadie is cutting her last 4 baby teeth and she is waking up at night for 2 to 3 hours which means i am exhausted. added to that, she refuses to go to sleep by herself now so i have to rock her for naps and bedtime! i've struggled with what to do about it, but honestly she is only little once and it's easier for me to rock her than hear her scream and cry for hours. and she is such a good little girl otherwise so i'll just look at it as extra snuggle time, right? ;)

we have had lots of fun lately coloring with crayons, watching max and ruby, and playing tea party. it's too hot to even go outside, so i'm trying to keep her busy inside. her she is playing the pi-no as she calls it (with some awesome bedhead no less)
and i'm really struggling with the "no spending in august" challenge, so since i can't buy for myself, i'm buying for the house and for sadie. does that mean i have a shopping problem?
i did find the cutest little bag to hold sadie's milk and snacks at marshall's yesterday. i'm always in need of kitchen towels so i snatched these up too!
i had already bought her some cute things at children's place on the way back from our trip last week, but i went in again and found this top and skirt and watermelon pj's on sale.
lastly, mike had to go to the eye doctor yesterday, i don't think he had been in like 5 years because he hates anything near his eyes! he feels about the eye doctor like i feel about getting blood drawn! ugh! so last night when he came home he had these ridiculous old people glasses on and i found it so funny...then sadie decided she needed to wear them too. oh my, i laughed and laughed about this one.

on a completely different note, i have decided to redecorate my entry, living, and kitchen! so in typical danielle fashion, i took everything decorative off the walls and tables, and put away all the pillows, so i could start with a clean slate and know exactly what i need to buy...i sort of love the empty space now, but don't worry, i have some cute things planned to buy! i'll show you pictures as soon as it comes together.

happy tuesday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

3 days to relax

sunday morning we left sadie with susanne, mckinlee, and mom, so we could take a little mini vaca to the gaylord texan in grapevine...i was a little nervous leaving sadie since she seems to being going through a seperation anxiety phase, but she ended up doing just fine!

we ate lunch on the way and then got lost in dallas 3 times but finally made it to the hotel. here is our pretty room. the entire hotel was decorated very rustic and "texan".
the two books i bought to read while we were on our trip...i started to rules of civility and could hardly put it down. it's a very interesting read and made me feel sort of sad when i finished it. the other book is nefertiti which i've been waiting for two years to come out. this is a sequel, and i can't wait to read it!
inside the hotel, there were so many restaurants and shops to look at...this was the riverwalk cantina and it felt like we were at the riverwalk in san antonio. we ate breakfast here monday morning- the omelets were outstanding! i had musrooms, bacon, peppers, and spinach in mine with jack and cheddar cheese!
i loved this little you were heading to the outdoor pool, they had the cutest tiny wooden house with lots of sweets inside!
a huge guitar train in the atrium
we also went to main street in grapevine which was so fun...they had so many quaint little shops! we stopped by pattycakes for a delicious lemon cupcake.
a cute cow printed ottoman that i rested my feet on. i'm loving this blue-green-aqua color on my toes!
the atrium of the hotel was filled with gorgeous plants, flowers, and trees. i don't what this one is called but i thought it was beautiful.
ahhhh....the best meal at zeppole's coastal italian restaurant
baked salmon with spinach wrapped in a puff pastry with a saffron cream sauce, polenta, and fresh veggies. i didn't get a picture of it-probably because we stuffed it into our faces so fast-but we had an amazing appetizer of baked fontina cheese with mushrooms and tomatoes on crostini. i can taste it right now.
mike eating his meal
and me enjoying mine
i love the sound of water of any sort, so the river running through the hotel and the fountain, was so peaceful
we had so much fun, but could not wait to get home to our little sadie bella!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

show me your smile and a shower

sadie had on the cutest little coral (my fav color right now!) dress from babygap that her zizi got her the other night, so of course i had to take a picture...when i said "sadie, show me your smile" this is what i got! ha! we'll have to work on that smile before school pictures i guess.
on friday night we went to a wedding shower for a dear friend, lauren, who i have known literally since the day she was born...her mom did a wonderful job of giving the shower and had a huge southern meal, cake, and delicious cookies for us to eat.
here we are...
the gift table
there were soo many people there to support lauren and matt
some of the yummy cookies
mom and les
sadly i didn't get one picture of the happy couple! there were so many people there, plus we were trying to eat dinner and keep sadie occupied, when all she wanted to do the whole night was look at the beautiful aquarium in the lobby! but it was a fun night, and i can't wait for the beautiful wedding in a month
speaking of marriage, 9 years ago tommorrow was the day mike proposed to me. i was thinking about that day early this morning when sadie woke up and told me "milk. go get it." haha! i remember that day so clearly and we've lived so much life since then. i can't imagine what another 9 years will bring!

Friday, August 5, 2011

new clothes, recovered chair, and the pool

i recently ordered a few new things from my favorite stores {j.crew and anthro}'s a good thing too, since i'm doing a no shopping challenge for the month of august! j.crew was having a 40% already marked down items and anthro just had a bunch of good stuff super clearanced...oh and i promise these things look way better on than on the hanger.

city capris in white and british khaki
love this cute little top from anthro! i wore it with a grey tank and the white capris tonight.
i am in love with this salmon/coral color. lately i have bought so many things in this color. and this is ALWAYS the nail polish color i buy. i'll come home with a new bottle of nail polish and see that i already have 3 other bottles of the same color :) do you do that?
and we finally got the new chair for our bedroom!! my mom gave us this chair and had it recovered in a fun and funky zebra print. it's so nice to sit in it and put my feet up and relax in our room.
so yesterday i had pain in my super low back and this morning it was hurting pretty bad, but i still decided to go run. i probably ran a 1/4 of a mile on the treadmill when the pain got so intense it was doubling me over and i felt like throwing up. i hobbled to my car and mike tried to stretch out my leg when i got home. then mom drove us to see the chiropractor and he stretched my leg and gave me an feels much better tonight, but i guess my muscles were really tense from running and i have issues with my pelvic bone since i had sadie, so combined, it was not fun! after all the drama of the morning, sadie and i went to the pool to swim! kaylee, jackson, ethan, and phillip came too. we ate lunch and got to visit-here are the kids altogether!
happy weekend!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sadie loves her girls!

zizi, mimi, and nana...sadie loves these 3!

zizi and mimi came to stay with us for the weekend and sadie enjoyed it so much. she always has fun with them and talks about them constantly.

i loved this picture of mckinlee even though her eyes are closed she just looks so sweet and happy. and look at her beautiful nails-not fair for a 12 year old to have better nails than most women :)
when mimi is around, that's all sadie can think about! i love that they are so close and love each other.
sadie belle, mckinlee, and susanne
and nana stopped by to visit today. when sadie sees nana at the front door she stops and squeals "nanaaaaaaaa!" so cute.
happy tuesday to you!

Monday, August 1, 2011

hi monday!

these pictures don't relate to my post, but i thought they were so cute! susanne took them for me for sadie's 18 month old pics!

it's monday AND the start of a new month! july was sooo super busy, i've hardly blogged at all, but hopefully, august will be a little slower and i can catch up on a few things...

i've started running again! yippee! my goal is to run mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, and do zumba on thursdays. to me, it is so much easier to run on a treadmill than out in the 40th straight day of 100+ temps here in texas! so i've been going to our community workout room and it's super nice and never crowded.
for the month of august, susanne and i are doing a no shopping challenge. so for 31 days, my challenge is to not buy anything for myself like clothes, shoes, or accessories. makeup doesn't count. good thing i just bought some cute stuff from anthro and j.crew last week ;) i will let you know how it goes!
speaking of shoes...i've been having some issues with shoes for sadie. she has fat little feet, not necessarily wide just thick. target shoes are not cutting it anymore, so last week i ordered a pair of shoes from see kai run-love them!! and i got some really cute stride rites at dillard's on sale the other day. i'm thinking for fall i'll just get her 3 or 4 pairs of really good shoes and forget the cheapy ones.
we had our annual district convention this past weekend which is 3 days of bible talks, dramas, and wonderful fellowship. the theme this year was "let god's kingdom come" and it was great! i always feel so refreshed after a weekend of spirtual encouragement. but i didn't take one picture with my camera! i can't believe that!

sadie's new phrase is "where are loo?" for "where are you?" it's hilarious and i love to hear her say it!
i'm now off to cook dinner...this is our 1 unhealthy night of eating before i buy groceries tommorrow-hot dogs and fries-but i bet they'll taste really good!