Tuesday, December 16, 2014

capsule wardrobe {week 2}

 this week has been another rough one :/ sadie had a horrible reaction to her antibiotic and we've spent the end of last week til today pretty much at home while she has hives and is itching. it's just awful seeing your baby not feeling good and not being able to make it all better.

i'm hopeful that the rest of this week will be brighter and fun!
since i've spent a lot of my days in pjs or workout clothes i just have a few capsule outfits to show you..
 buffalo check shirt//old navy
puffer vest//loft
leggings//hue from nordstrom

 tunic sweater//target
pixie pants//old navy
boots//jessica simpson @ nordstrom rack

 pink tank//target
cardi//stitch fix
boots//new cardi lattice uggs from nordstrom {LOVE!}
earrings//kate spade

 flannel shirt//target
chuck taylors//nordstrom

sadie had to get in on this pic ;)

leopard flats//steve madden from piperlime
bracelet//accessories exchange

my thoughts on week 2..i'm already tired of looking at these same clothes. eek! i know i have PLENTY to wear but i might've switched out a top or two already. is that against capsule wardrobe rules??

Monday, December 8, 2014

capsule wardrobe-week 1

hello monday! we are feeling much better around here and ready for a fun week!

i finished my first week of capsule wardrobe outfits and got my closet completely organized with all the "extra" clothes put away in bins...so excited to try this and see if i love having less options or am ready for all my clothes come March ;-)

 sunday meeting

 monday running errands and grocery shopping
necklace//gift from mike

 tuesday taking sadie to the doctor
puffer vest//loft

 wednesday at home pj day
slippers//walgreen's i think (so warm and cute and i think i paid a dollar for them :)

 thursday quick trip to hobby lobby

 friday work then back to sadie's doctor
top, pants, & necklace//loft

 saturday afternoon errands and work
sweater and pants//matilda jane
flats//nine west

 sunday brunch
pants//express via marshall's
leopard flatss//steve madden
red coat//old navy

overall i like the outfits from the week! i felt like i had plenty of options to choose from and it was less stressful than digging through tons of clothes to pick something...hope it stays that way!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

{friday favorites}!

it's friday and this week has been a LONG one!!

sunday night we went to a new restaurant in town called bronc's...super cute cowboy themed, delicious family style food, and ponies to ride..so fun! it may be our new {favorite} restaurant!

 monday was spent buying groceries first at target, then at heb, with a visit in between to toys r us to spend gift money from nama and grandpa. monday night sadie was really restless in her sleep and i got up around 4:30 to check on her, and she had fever of almost 102.  i figured it was probably the flu since there has been a serious epidemic of it here, so i took her to the doctor tuesday morning, but she tested negative for flu and strep. yay! she's still felt really yucky all week and I've been running low fever as well, so we've spent a lot of time at home! 

with her toys r us money, she got a play yard, stroller, and high chair for her babies so she's been playing with those, and tuesday nana brought by a surprise--her first lego set! it's called pony farm and she loves it. definitely her {favorite} toys this week!

when we were at target on monday, i picked up this set of 10 elf nail polishes for $10!! i know it may not be the best quality but what  a deal! and new nail polish is one of my {favorites} for sure ;)

our theme for home school this week is gingerbread, so we've been doing all sorts of super fun gingerbread projects...like decorating our gingerbread house! along with coloring sheets, decorating foam gingerbread cut outs, and making gingerbread cookies.

mandy and abby were so sweet to bring by delicious gingerbread to eat and some more fun projects to do...this gingerbread girl was a {favorite} treat to snack on this week.

i got a couple hours to spend out of the house this morning (thank you nana!) and drove straight to hobby lobby..i've been wanting to start a new hobby that's fun and creative, so i decided jewelry making it is! i picked out fun beads and charms and thought i would start out with bracelets!
so here is my first creation--i love that the little camera charm says "snap" on the backside :)
and i enrolled in a jewelry making course at our community college to get some real instruction. so excited to have a new {favorite} hobby!

of course, sadie had to make a bracelet too ;) she picked all of the beads and charm out herself and strung most of the beads alone--i thought she did a great job!

i'm linking up to share my friday favorites at momfessionals..have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

{winter capsule wardrobe}

i finally decided to get it together for winter and do a capsule wardrobe! i've been pairing down my closet for awhile, giving things to friends or goodwill, but yesterday & today i decided on my capsule wardrobe for winter!

i'm inspired by the 10 item wardrobe of the author of the madame chic books {http://dailyconnoisseur.blogspot.com}, where she has 10 core pieces she wears each season, plus tshirts, cardigans, and outer wear...my capsule wardrobe is bigger than that but still a scaled down and manageable number for me...so 60 is the magic number ;)

here's how it's broken down...

12 skirts//2 long, 2 a-line, and 8 pencil skirts

12 pants//ruffle pants, pixie pants, fluid ankle pants, jeans, cords, and leggings

8 dresses

28 blouses//includes sweaters & tunics

my goal for winter {december, january, february} is to wear only these pieces, mixing and matching in all sorts of exciting ways ;)
i also have tanks, cardigans, and outer wear that i will be wearing too.
it makes me realize how little clothing we really NEED and how much is completely unnecessary!

i plan on posting capsule outfits weekly, so stay tuned!

Friday, November 28, 2014

riding horses & what i wore

we've had quite a busy week...it's been cowgirl week in homeschool so we started off monday having a bbq lunch and riding horses at my uncle's! susanne and mckinlee were visiting so they came too & we had a blast!

 love these two!!
 sadie and i had so much fun riding primetime

 these girls crack me up with their posing :)

 and it's not my usual link up for what i wore wednesday, but here are a few of my outfits this past week...
blouse//old navy
i didn't realize until i got to the meeting that my skirt was NAVY while the rest of my outfit was black! #embarrassing
leopard flats//target
 tshirt//waco board of realtors ;-)
ruffle pants//matilda jane
flats//nine west
i found this selfie sadie took, i thought it was too adorable!! she was taking her ootd pic with baby grace! haha!

Friday, November 21, 2014

friday {favorites}!

it's friday yay!!
we've felt kind of yucky all week long, so i'm ready for a new week. and we are so excited for our company to come starting on sunday! mimi and zizi are coming for a few days, then nama and grandpa are coming at the end of the week for a few days...should be busy & fun.

on to my {favorites} this week...one of my {favorite} things to treat myself to is getting my nails done.  this time of year my hands get SO dry and my cuticles are out of control, so it's wonderful to have someone else worry about it ;) this day i got shellac in OPI's don't burst my bubble bath with a coat of OPI's passion over it. then a little gold sparkle added because everything's better with sparkles.

one of our {favorite} local activities is storytime at the library...it was native american week! so miss stacy (our wonderful children's library director) read stories to us and showed us a bow & arrow and real moccasins.  then sadie got to make an indian necklace.

miss stacy had a teepee set up with a "fire" in it. sadie loved it!!

another of my {favorites}? finding 50 of the same non flattering pictures that sadie has taken of poppy and nana and i while we ate lunch at cheddar's!!

poppy mid chew

nana about to apply lipstick

at least i smiled! hahaha!

and here's a {favorite} picture of poppy & nana to make up for the not so good one ;)

it's one of our {favorite} things to bake together, so this day we made the easiest pumpkin muffins ever. 1 box of spice cake mix, 1 can of pumpkin, and 1 cup of chocolate chips...mix together and bake for 15-18 minutes at 350 degrees..so yum!

i love that sadie wore her anna dress and boots, elsa cape, and doc mcstuffins headband while baking ;)

another of my {favorite} things is to end the day with a hot bath! i've been needing a little basket to put beside the bathtub for towels and soaps, so mom got me this precious bath caddy when we were at spice yesterday...i know i'm going to love it!

i'm linking up with andrea at momfessionals where you can check out many more friday {favorites}!
have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

{what i wore}

hello! i haven't posted in a week...i've had some technical difficulties with my blog..grrr! evidently when you change privacy settings on google+ it erases your pictures FROM THE LAST 4 YEARS!!
so if you see gray square after gray square where my pictures USED to be, ya that's why. ok moving on..

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy for what i wore wednesday, where we get out of our jammies and  fix ourselves up ;)

work & library story time
scarf//from my sweet sister
leggings//hue from nordstrom
boot socks//compass

 afternoon of shopping (by myself!)
 {new} pea coat//old navy

 lunch with friends & toy store for miss s

 ballet for sadie
scarf//old navy
boots//born @dillard's

 sadie got herself dressed & accessorized!
blouse//matilda jane
shoes//mary jane crocs

running errands
sweater//loft (i must really like this one, i wore it twice this week!)
bracelet//accessories exchange

have a great wednesday!