Saturday, October 30, 2010

makes me giddy

i'm wasting time...right now and for the last 59 minutes or so. just reading blogs, checking email, and listening to baylor beat ut on tv. woohoo! i just asked mike, who's laying on the bed next to me, "do you always feel like you have to be doing something?" he said "yes" then we both continued to sit/lay here and do nothing. we need a break and tonight is the night to do nothing.

i feel nauseous right now and my stomach is hurting so that could be adding to my doing nothing. it could be the plate full of italian food and desserts i ate at mom and les' house tonight. yum!

so on to some recent purchases that are making me giddy. mac eyeshadow. in shadowy lady and i can't remember the beige one's name. except-i know there's this whole mac eyeshadow hype-like's it the best shadow ever, but i'm having some problems with it not wanting to blend. anyone else had that problem? like shadowy lady just kind of stops in the middle of my lid all dark and smudgy and weird looking. so maybe i'm not feeling the giddy-ness about mac eyeshadow. we will see what develops.
now the perfectly-manicured and always-showing-too-much-cleavage giada. giada, i love you, but pull the shirts up girlfriend. we got gift cards to target (yea!) for our anniversary, so among my purchases was giada's newest cookbook, giada at home. can't wait to start trying out the recipes. on my menu for this week...her veggie parmesan. i'll let you know how it turns out.

now i'm going to make myself take a bath and get my comfies on and plug in my heating pad (always makes my stomach feel better. all in my head? i think not.)
and now mike's gone from doing nothing to snoring softly.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what i wore wednesday

it's wednesday again and here are my outfits for the week! check out more inspiration at the pleated poppy...

wednesday night meeting

entire outfit (including belt and shoes): target!!

i put on some chunky pearl bracelets after i took the pic because the outfit needed a little something else

running errands

tshirt: target

dress: old navy

belt: old, no idea

boots: cavender's

anniversary party

top: forever 21

skinnies and booties: target

chunky bracelet: michele busch

sunday meeting

sweater and skirt: anthropologie

shoes: frye at marshall's (way discounted :)

running errands

tank, top, and skinnies: target

necklace: forever 21

sandals: chinese laundry at marshall's

(i'm holding my blouse at the back because otherwise it looked maternity)

dinner and a movie with hubs

dress: target

leggings: boutique

sandals: target

earrings: forever 21

bracelet: pandora and michele busch

and i so wish i had gotten a pic of yesterday when i wore my pre-sadie citizens jeans!! by the end of the day, i was feeling nauseous because they were so tight, but they were on and zipped and that's all i cared about. ha!

thanks for looking!

the playroom

i turned my scrapbook room into a playroom for sadie! i've still got my desk in there and sb stuff in the closet, but i love that she's got a separate room to play in and cubbies for all of her toys.
the cubby holder is the expedit shelving unit from ikea turned horizontally
the pink bins i got at target on clearance...also the abc canvas and pillows my desk on the other side of the room (from world market)
freshly organized closet

i managed to condense all of my scrapbook stuff into 3 shelves and it feels great!

8 years ago today mike and i said "i do!" here we are at our little family anniversary lunch at the best sandwich shoppe ever (cause that's how they spell shoppe on their sign ;)

tonight, nana is babysitting and we're going to dinner and a movie. yippee!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


saturday night, my mom and les threw our anniversary party at their house. we had so much fun eating, talking, and opening presents!

we had planned to go out to dinner, but it was baylor's homecoming and the restaurant was going to be packed, so mom and my aunts made this amazing dinner for us. lasagna, chicken parm, salad, breadsticks, and chocolate and italian cream cakes. brightly wrapped presents

susanne, chris, and mckinlee braved the horrible weather in dallas to drive down to be here! loved this picture of them!

sadie got so many cute presents, she was a little overwhelmed but had so much fun. here she is giving her new monkey a kiss

and a precious zebra outfit

i gave mike an ebelskiver pan and mix's a long and funny story, but he used to eat these little puff pancakes growing up in northern cali. he made them for us sunday morning and they were fantastic!

the cutest musical tea set for sadie belle

i've been wanting a deep skillet and this was perfect

a zebra boot to match her dress

we also got money (always good!), gift cards, a throw from pottery barn, cool cups for soup, charms for my pandora bracelet, and lots of other goodies!

this was us on our anniversary last things have changed!

we've had a little drama at our house too. mike was trying to put our golf clubs in the attic last night, you know as part of my quest for organization, and he fell through the attic into our laundry room closet! i was feeding sadie and heard a crash then a banging, but i thought he was trying to catch a mouse or something. i felt so bad that i didn't come and see what was going on. he's bruised and cut and in pain, but thankfully nothing was broken (except our ceiling of course ;)
and then i got him patched up and to bed, and sadie woke up crying from 11 to 1:15 this morning and again at 5 am. i don't know if she's just teething or has an ear infection, but it was not fun. so it's going to be an easy day around here. naps, exercising, and soup sound good to me!

Friday, October 22, 2010

organization time

thanks girlies for all of your sweet comments on my what i wore post! i promise next week will be better ;) somehow in the last 9 months (since sadie was born), i've lost my trendiness. could it be that i'm in yoga pants and a t-shirt most of the time now? so this week i've been determined to wear cute stuff and put jewelry on and spend time on my hair, and i have to say, i feel like the old me a little bit!!
so i've been completely inspired by this girly to get my booty in gear and organize my house. i really love to organize but i was at the stage where i had such a long list of things that needed organization that i was overwhelmed. my mom and sis will disagree with that one, they think i'm constantly purging and cleaning out and reorganizing! but even though things are neat and clean at my house (for the most part) i didn't feel like i was utilizing my space for the way we actually live.
here was my first project...the armoire in our bathroom.
this is mid way through the organizing and here it is finished. should it bother me that the pillows still look cluttered on the top shelf? or is that my 'everything needs to be perfect' coming out?

this is our hallway coat closet except we don't store coats in there.
the was so bad i had to lean against the door to get it shut!

the after- woo hoo!

this week i have reorganized the guest room closet which also holds my maternity clothes and sadie's clothes that she's outgrown that i'm keeping if we ever have chica #2.
and i organized her closet and got mike to put all the tiny baby toys and gear in the attic.
i made my scrapbook room into a playroom for sadie!! i still have my scrapbook desk on one side in case i decide to get crafty one of these days. but the major work was in the closet. what is it with me and messy closets? i purged majorly and organized all my remaining sb stuff on 3 small shelves. i am so happy and tired! and i'll share pics of those projects next week.
for now, have a fantastic weekend! my mom's giving us an anniversary party tommorrow night. it's 8 years on tuesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what i wore wednesday

sadly i only have 3 little outfits to show you this week for what i wore wednesday.

i had some other outfits that i thought came together quite nicely, but didn't get a picture of here's what i've got!

at home

white tank: old navy

tshirt: jcrew

leggings: forever 21

grocery store day

grey tank: target

brown cardi: forever 21

flower pin: made by my sis and niece

jeans: gap

shoes: dillards

to target

tank: forever 21

jeans: dillards

sandals: dsw

short necklace: lisa leonard

long necklace: forever 21

thanks for looking! go check out other cute outfits at the pleated poppy!

9 months

sadie is 9 months old!! i can't believe in 3 more months i will have a 1 year old. this year has gone by so fast, and yet sometimes the days seem to last forever ;)
she is soooo busy now and doesn't sit still except when she's asleep or watching baby einstein (thank goodness for that!)
we took her to dr. n. for her check up and she's doing great!
here are a few things about sadie at 9 months:
  • she weighs 21.3 pounds, 75th percentile
  • she is 29 3/4 inches tall, 75th percentile
  • she can say mama, dada, nana, hi, and constantly makes a bunch of other sounds
  • she has learned to wave. it's the cutest thing! she does it when she wants something or someone!

  • she loves to eat! besides baby food she's eaten tilapia, sweet potato, artichokes, potato soup, mac n cheese, broccoli, rye bread, and anything else i put in her mouth.
  • she is crawling everywhere and is fast too
  • she is standing up on everything and tries to stand up by herself completely
  • she knows what 'no no' means and will stop doing whatever she's doing when we tell her that, but then does it again
  • when i'm feeding her, she'll do her little hand motion for 'come here' then i say 'i'm gonna get you' and give her kisses. she squeals and laughs and thinks it's so funny
  • loves shoes!! my shoes, her shoes, daddy's shoes

i love her sweet and fun little personality! she is the best thing that's happened to us and we love her so much!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fun times

sadie is standing all the time now and on anything she can find to stand up on!!
her expression goes from this happy smile to... this little crying face in a matter of seconds!

mike's sister and bro in law came to see us this weekend. her we are at chuy's on sat. night

mike and sadie with auntie lindsey and uncle brandon

and here she is standing up on the piano bench-so proud of herself!

happy sunday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

look at sadie belle's teeth!!

here's a close up she now loves to stand in her crib!!
cutie pie

love this girl!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

visit from nama and grandpa

saturday mike's parents came to stay with us and take us out to dinner for our anniversary!
they got mike a cool water fountain for his office (to help him be calm ;) and me a beautiful bracelet. plus a gift card to target!
they took us to the elite was one of the best meals i've had in a long time. i got the sauteed tilapia, green beans, and mac n cheese! so good! sadie tried my mac n cheese and loved it. family picture

grandpa and nama

they got sadie the cutest zoo with all the animals and it makes sounds. she loves it!!

thanks grandpa and nama!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

fun little trip

last week mom, sadie, and i took a quick little trip to plano to see zia and mimi and uncle bruno (susanne, mckinlee, and chris)
sadie was so excited to see them!
we got to go to pottery barn and williams sonoma while we were there...i could literally live in both of those stores. i LOVE them! and i got my annual fall candle at WS. it's called spiced chestnut and it is divine.
i had a gift card to gap so i got a really cute chunky knit sweater, some cute khakis, and a striped top. and mom bought more good stuff at pottery barn (her new house looks like their store ;)
susanne made us a wonderful dinner-chicken georgia, lime cilantro basmati, and a yum salad.
then for breakfast she made these adorable nutella croissants. so delish!
we played and relaxed and they made us the most adorable flower pins to wear on cardis or in your hair...i keep telling them they need to open an etsy shop and name it 'zia and mimi's'!!
we had lunch at paradise bakery where miss sadie ate potato soup, artichokes, and rye bread, then we came home.

trying a poached egg for the first time...i love the concentrated look on her face

before we left their house, s was hanging out in her ducky bathtub

we had such a great time, even if it was a short visit!!