Friday, September 30, 2011


this is my first week to link up for instafriday on life rearranged!  i did my instagram app on my phone but for some reason, it wouldn't download to my computer, so i had to edit my pics to give them a little 'insta'goodness!  the pic above is my first pumpkin spice latte of the season (non fat milk and 2 pumps of syrup) delish!!

 grocery shopping with a menu-the only way i can shop...otherwise i just stand in the aisles and look lost
 my sweet sadie belle at her zia's house still in her pjs
 riding the carousel with her expression on this one
 and after a long afternoon of shopping
happy friday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what i wore wednesday

i'm finally doing what i wore wednesday's been a long time since i have taken pictures of my outfits, but here they are!  we are still wearing summer stuff in texas because it's 100 degrees in the afternoons. ugh! but i'm so completely ready for fall.  sorry about the bad lighting-i cannot seem to take a good self portrait with the right lighting! (i will keep working on it)
outfit above:
shorts-old navy
burlap TOMS

outfit below:
tank-bp nordstroms

rose ring-heidi swapp blossom couture
jeans-seven for all mankind
leopard sandals-steve madden
earrings-world market
i'm linking up with the pleated poppy...
have a great wednesday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

new photo collage and a trip to plano

when you enter our house from the garage we have a long hallway that i've had pictures on since we moved in, but the pictures we're all in one straight line and i was over it.  so last thursday, mom and les came over to hang all the pictures up...i wanted a square of pictures and since i DO NOT measure pictures precisely (i usually just grab the hammer and pick a spot on the wall to put the nail), mom said they would come over and do it for me. thanks mom and les!

they did a great job and now my wall feels fresh and different.

 here they are during the process
 on friday, we drove to plano to stay with susanne, chris, and mckinlee for the weekend.  we had fun shopping and eating and just getting to be together. sadly, i took almost no pictures but susanne took several so i'll get some from her.  hilights of the trip: nordstrom's and coach for me, and the beautiful carousel for sadie! oh and we ate at the BEST lunch spot yesterday called zoe's kitchen...i'm still thinking about the food there...chicken kabobs, greek salad, and hummus with pita bread. delicious!!

here we are right before leaving yesterday

today mom, sadie, and i have already been to the park, i ran 1.25 miles, i've done 2 loads of laundry, and i'm going to do a workout video this afternoon...i'm trying to get back to living healthy after several weeks of eating junky.

tonight's menu: chicken piccata with artichokes and angel hair pasta (no pasta for me) and roasted asparagus.  
what are you eating this week?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

logan's baby shower

saturday was the baby shower for jennifer's new baby logan! it was a woodland animals theme, and i thought it turned out SO cute!!

the cake sitting on burlap with sunflower beside it
 the goody bags were individually wrapped "make your own s'mores" at home

 diaper cake with mr. owl (as sadie calls him) sitting on top
 jen's mom got all these lovely sunflowers that we scattered around the room...i thought this looked so cute on the entry table
 each table was covered in a brown tablecloth with a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper and a sunflower in a milk bottle filled with popcorn kernels.  super easy to do!
 the gift table with logan's name banner on it (before the TONS of gifts arrived :)
 another shot of the cake
 jen's mom and sister had this made for big bro, jackson. i loved it!!
 drink station
 susanne and mckinlee drove down just for the shower..i was so glad they got to come
 mck, mom, and susanne-don't they look so pretty?!
 jennifer's sister, tonja, mom linda, and me
i had skinny jeans on and cute sandals but in all the pictures i just look like i'm wearing a billowing tent ;)
 the desserts table
lots of sweet girls brought yummy cookies to go along with the cake.  it was delicious!
 the entry table
we had each guest write their name/address on an envelope so jen could easily send thank you cards
the basket was full of diapers and each guest wrote a message for jennifer to read while she's changing logan's diaper
and we played two games-baby word scramble and baby bingo 
 my two aunts, vicki and peggy, and mom
 kathy, jennifer, kami and parker, and dei
 susanne and i with jennifer and of course, baby logan
 i loved this one of their family-jason, jennifer, jackson, and logan in the tummy
 jen and jack with his cake
 everyone concentrating on baby word scramble

 she got SO many wonderful gifts!! i loved this sock monkey and blanket
 hand embroidered burp cloths
 a darling cardigan
 i was so impressed with mckinlee...she knitted this adorable hat by herself and put it with a cute outfit in a "paint can" gift box!
 big brother got so many fun toys too...i always love it when the bigger sibling is included
 proud daddy holding up a gift

mckinlee holding baby parker...look at those chubby cheeks, love it

 jackson is ready for the big day in his big bro t-shirt!
we had so much fun planning and doing this shower...i cannot wait to meet baby logan james!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

friday morning breakfast

this morning we met kali at cafe cappucino for breakfast.. it was so fun catching up, and of course the meal was delish!  i had my usual ham and cheese omelet with a choc. chip pancake. yum!

mom and kali before our meal came
 kali, sadie, and i outside the restaurant
(i got my hair cut this week at a salon in austin..loving it:)

 and miss sadie with her new leopard tutu on.  i've started buying the brand see kai run shoes for her and i really like them. they fit her wide foot and they are so well made, plus there are such cute styles to choose from.
after breakfast, kami came over to help me make 50 goodie bags for jennifer's baby shower tommorrow.  i cannot wait to share pictures of that! we're doing a woodland animals theme, and i think it will be super cute!

have a great weekend :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

me: a to z

i saw this on a blog and thought it would be fun to do! do any of my answers surprise you?

a. age: 30
b. bed size: king
c. chore you hate: unloading the dishwasher
d. dogs: 2 cocker spaniels, cooper and henry
e. essential start to your day: snuggle time with sadie
f. favorite color: aqua
g. gold or silver: silver
h. height: 5'5"
i. instruments you play: piano
j. job title: stay at home mama
k. kids: sadie isabella
l. live: waco, texas
m. maiden name: beene' (buh-nay)
n. nicknames: dandy
o. overnight hospital stay: when i had sadie-2 nights
p. pet peeve: my sweet husband leaving the scrub brush in the sink and people who talk about how great they are all the time
q. quote: just saw this one on a blog and loved it! "why do we close our eyes when we pray? when we cry? when we dream? or when we kiss? because we know the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by heart."
r. righty or lefty: righty
s. siblings: older sis, susanne
t. time you wake up: depends on how the night goes, usually 8
u. university attended: mclennan community college for my business degree and champions school of real estate for my real estate license
v. veggies you dislike: brussel sprouts, tomatoes (is that a veggie or fruit?)
w. what makes you run late: my sweet husband ;)
x. x-rays you've had: my finger when i stuck my non-gloved hand out to stop a ball during a softball game
y. yummy food: lasagna, creme brulee, chuy's jalapeno ranch dip
z. zoo animal: monkey

and because i don't like to post without a is my sweet baby sadie almost 1 year ago...can you believe how much she's changed??
happy monday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend fun

did you have a nice weekend?  we had such a nice, relaxing fun time! again, my pictures are in backwards order, but that's yesterday afternoon, we went to my uncle aaron and aunt peggy's house.  they live in a gorgeous home on the river and we just love coming out here to relax.  we actually got married here!!  between mom, mamajeanne, and i, we brought a bunch of yummy food like ribs, brisket, potato salad, spicy green beans, coconut pies, and chocolate sheet cake.

we played horseshoes and sat out on their back porch and talked and watched the water go by. so peaceful!     

sadie was fascinated by the water.  here we are on their dock..        
 sadie with daddy and uncle aaron
 after a yummy dinner
 i love this one of sadie with her great grandmother...she loved rocking in the rocking chair with mamajeanne while she sang her nursery rhymes. so sweet!
 and she loved playing with their beautiful dog, case
 aaron let her "drive" the gator which she thought was so much fun
 i asked mike after we took this pic if we looked the same as when we got married here 9 years ago, he said "no my hair line has receded quite a bit since then!" and i said "yea and my cheeks have gotten chunkier!" ;)
 on saturday night, mom and i went to a lingerie shower for a friend who's getting married this coming saturday.  here we are before going to the shower!   it was outside in a friend's backyard which was just beautiful...twinkle lights everywhere, french music playing, champagne, and yummy food!

friday afternoon, i put sadie's hair in tiny pigtails and she looked adorable! i was trying to get a pic of her and her pigtails here, but she was too busy walking around in my slippers.

we are trying to do something fun with sadie every friday night, like going to get yogurt or ice cream, or when it cools down going to the this friday mom and les joined us for a little ice cream date!
we went to coldstone creamery but i must say it was very was blazing hot inside with hardly any lights on and the ice cream was already melting by the time they scooped it into our cup :( the flavors were good though! we got coffee and dreamsicle!

 sadie loved it!
friday at lunch, we met loni and kami and baby parker at mcalister's...are those the cutest little things on parker's feet?? they are called toe blooms and she looked so precious!  sadie wanted to stand right by her car seat (and try to push it all around the restaurant!)
now back to reality...on my agenda this week: clean this dirty house, buy groceries, find a dress for lauren's wedding, plan for jennifer's shower which is coming up in less than 2 weeks!
happy tuesday!