Monday, September 26, 2011

new photo collage and a trip to plano

when you enter our house from the garage we have a long hallway that i've had pictures on since we moved in, but the pictures we're all in one straight line and i was over it.  so last thursday, mom and les came over to hang all the pictures up...i wanted a square of pictures and since i DO NOT measure pictures precisely (i usually just grab the hammer and pick a spot on the wall to put the nail), mom said they would come over and do it for me. thanks mom and les!

they did a great job and now my wall feels fresh and different.

 here they are during the process
 on friday, we drove to plano to stay with susanne, chris, and mckinlee for the weekend.  we had fun shopping and eating and just getting to be together. sadly, i took almost no pictures but susanne took several so i'll get some from her.  hilights of the trip: nordstrom's and coach for me, and the beautiful carousel for sadie! oh and we ate at the BEST lunch spot yesterday called zoe's kitchen...i'm still thinking about the food there...chicken kabobs, greek salad, and hummus with pita bread. delicious!!

here we are right before leaving yesterday

today mom, sadie, and i have already been to the park, i ran 1.25 miles, i've done 2 loads of laundry, and i'm going to do a workout video this afternoon...i'm trying to get back to living healthy after several weeks of eating junky.

tonight's menu: chicken piccata with artichokes and angel hair pasta (no pasta for me) and roasted asparagus.  
what are you eating this week?

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  1. your wall looks good!
    we had so much fun--i sent you the pictures in a snapfish album, hope you got them.
    and yay for healthy eating!