Friday, September 16, 2011

friday morning breakfast

this morning we met kali at cafe cappucino for breakfast.. it was so fun catching up, and of course the meal was delish!  i had my usual ham and cheese omelet with a choc. chip pancake. yum!

mom and kali before our meal came
 kali, sadie, and i outside the restaurant
(i got my hair cut this week at a salon in austin..loving it:)

 and miss sadie with her new leopard tutu on.  i've started buying the brand see kai run shoes for her and i really like them. they fit her wide foot and they are so well made, plus there are such cute styles to choose from.
after breakfast, kami came over to help me make 50 goodie bags for jennifer's baby shower tommorrow.  i cannot wait to share pictures of that! we're doing a woodland animals theme, and i think it will be super cute!

have a great weekend :)


  1. What a great Friday start! Chocolate chip pancakes sound DiViNe! Your! Love your outfit too! And the leopard die for! Happy Weekend!

  2. what a fun morning--and i love sadie's outfit!

  3. Hi Danielle,
    Your hc looks great!! So cute on you. Love your outfit in those pics too.
    I loved the shoes see kai run for both my girls! I havent bought them lately now that their feet are bigger, but they make such cute baby shoes!!