Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend fun

did you have a nice weekend?  we had such a nice, relaxing fun time! again, my pictures are in backwards order, but that's okay...so yesterday afternoon, we went to my uncle aaron and aunt peggy's house.  they live in a gorgeous home on the river and we just love coming out here to relax.  we actually got married here!!  between mom, mamajeanne, and i, we brought a bunch of yummy food like ribs, brisket, potato salad, spicy green beans, coconut pies, and chocolate sheet cake.

we played horseshoes and sat out on their back porch and talked and watched the water go by. so peaceful!     

sadie was fascinated by the water.  here we are on their dock..        
 sadie with daddy and uncle aaron
 after a yummy dinner
 i love this one of sadie with her great grandmother...she loved rocking in the rocking chair with mamajeanne while she sang her nursery rhymes. so sweet!
 and she loved playing with their beautiful dog, case
 aaron let her "drive" the gator which she thought was so much fun
 i asked mike after we took this pic if we looked the same as when we got married here 9 years ago, he said "no my hair line has receded quite a bit since then!" and i said "yea and my cheeks have gotten chunkier!" ;)
 on saturday night, mom and i went to a lingerie shower for a friend who's getting married this coming saturday.  here we are before going to the shower!   it was outside in a friend's backyard which was just beautiful...twinkle lights everywhere, french music playing, champagne, and yummy food!

friday afternoon, i put sadie's hair in tiny pigtails and she looked adorable! i was trying to get a pic of her and her pigtails here, but she was too busy walking around in my slippers.

we are trying to do something fun with sadie every friday night, like going to get yogurt or ice cream, or when it cools down going to the park...so this friday mom and les joined us for a little ice cream date!
we went to coldstone creamery but i must say it was very dissappointing...it was blazing hot inside with hardly any lights on and the ice cream was already melting by the time they scooped it into our cup :( the flavors were good though! we got coffee and dreamsicle!

 sadie loved it!
friday at lunch, we met loni and kami and baby parker at mcalister's...are those the cutest little things on parker's feet?? they are called toe blooms and she looked so precious!  sadie wanted to stand right by her car seat (and try to push it all around the restaurant!)
now back to reality...on my agenda this week: clean this dirty house, buy groceries, find a dress for lauren's wedding, plan for jennifer's shower which is coming up in less than 2 weeks!
happy tuesday!


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend. Pigtails are adorable.

  2. so many cute pictures! love the pigtails and sadie's face with parker! you & mom looked cute too. what a fun weekend you had!

  3. Looks like a great getaway! And after 13 years of marriage, jon looks the same...actually a bit thinner! We won't even talk about my changes! Gulp! Miss s...oh so darn cute!

  4. love Sadie's Pig tails! And that lake backdrop is beautiful looks so relaxing!