Monday, February 28, 2011

random monday

sadie and daddy at toys r us

well i am still without a new computer....BUT this week i will the proud new owner of a imac desktop!!!! (thanks danna for the suggestion) the desktop mac is going to work for us because we don't take our laptop on the go and it stays in our office all the time. i am beyond excited!!

so a few random tidbits for a monday:
  • mike's parents came to visit this weekend and took miss sadie to toys r' us and completely spoiled her with a doll, book, stroller for her babies, and a dora purse. she loves all her new stuff. thanks nama and grandpa!
  • sadie is teething the worst she ever has over the last few days and nights. i am running on very little sleep, and i'm just not used to a fussy baby. hopefully tonight will be better. i've been using motrin and oragel but i just don't want to give her motrin every night, so tonight i'm going to use homeopathic colic calm and see how that works. any suggestions would be helpful!!
  • today starts our healthy eating plan (again) so i bought all kinds of great healthy stuff at the grocery store today. my snacks will include carrots, strawberries, and sugar snap peas (thanks to erin at sunny side up). i'm trying to include more fish and lean meat for our dinners. and when i need my chocolate fix, i got the 100 cal choc. granola bits. try them, they are delish!
  • susanne and i have embarked upon a 3 month shopping challenge. we will call it "90 days of quality"- i just made that up susanne ;)- for the months of march, april, and may, we are ONLY buying quality clothing from stores like anthro, jcrew, banana republic, and the loft. we both have this habit of impulse buying cheap things at target or old navy instead of asking ourselves if we really NEED the item, or did we buy just cause it's $10. now you all know my absolute love of target, so this is definitely a challenge people. at the end of 3 months, we're going to see how many things we actually bought and how much we spent compared to our normal shopping habits. feel free to join in our challenge and let us know your results in may!

happy monday!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

technical difficulties

(sadie watching her princess sing a long)

it's been a week since i've blogged...i am having some issues with our laptop. it's old(er) and acting a little weird. now i can't download any pictures from my camera onto the laptop. so for a looooooong time i've been thinking about getting a mac. if you have a mac, do you love it? should i get one?
until i decide what to do i guess i won't be blogging cause blogging is so boring without pictures, right?!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i want to remember...

this post is more for me to not forget all the cute and funny things sadie is doing and saying at 13 months, but you are welcome to enjoy too!

-the other night, she was walking towards her bedroom door not really paying attention to where she was going, and my mom said, "sadie, turn around and watch where you're going" so sadie stopped, turned completely around and looked at us like "now what?" at least she follows directions!

-we were playing in her room and i said, "sadie let me see your eye. it looks like you have a bite on your eyelid." so she reached down to my shoulder and bit me!! all she heard was BITE i guess!
-she now says 'opa' for oops. we have that book red hat, green hat, and it says "oops" on every page. so last week we were reading it and when we got to the oops part, she said opa!
-yesterday she was being a little handful. in the span of 3 minutes she managed to light two burners on my gas range, bite my shoulder, and nearly fling herself out of my arms!
-when i'm putting her to sleep and she's done with her bottle she pushes it away, says "no ma'am" and throws her burp cloth away.
-sadie loves her snow white doll and carries her around all day.
-she blows kisses with the back of her hand and says "mwahh"
-when she's falling asleep, she pats my chest and says "mama, mama"
-she loves target as much as i do (probably because we've been there 2 to 3 times a week since she was born)!
-we've been taking walks with the nice weather, and she can spot the ducks at the lake. she'll say "quack quack"
-my mom frequently meets us at a store or restaurant or the grocery store, so now whenever we go anywhere, sadie looks around and says, "nana?"
-every night, when she hears the garage door open, she stops and says "dada" and waits for him to come around the corner so she can give him big hugs. she LOVES her daddy so much!
she keeps me smiling and laughing! there is never a dull moment with this baby girl around!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

gorgeous day at the zoo

saturday afternoon, mike took us to the zoo! it was gorgeous weather, and we had so much fun. sadie's favorite was the giraffe. i still love the cheetah. and mike's favorite was the bear.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

superbowl (3 days late)

we went to a fun superbowl party at anita and sean's house! she had everything decorated so cute and had steelers stuff everywhere (along with her matching steelers outfit :)
and tons of yummy food...this is only the snack table!sadie was cute during the game. when they would yell at the tv, she would look around like what is going on here? but she loved the tiny little steelers football anita let her play with.
we left early to put her to bed, but it was a fun party!!

and here she is last night before our meeting. i just love her little curl on one side (my hair flips up on one side too!)
it is super cold here today so we're staying inside. we did her first craft project-a picture of that to come. and watching dora and disney princess sing a long. now it's nap time and then i'm going to snuggle up in my pottery barn throw and read my book.
happy wednesday!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

let it snow

we got snowed in on thursday night/friday morning! it started about 10pm on thursday and kept snowing until at least 3 am...i would know because sadie kept us up half of the night, so every time i passed by the front door, i could see the beautiful snowflakes.
friday morning, we decided to get sadie out in the snow to see what she thought about it. this is not her first snow day, this was. but it's the first time she could walk and play in it.
here she is with daddy she got some snow on her mittens and wasn't sure about what was going on!

this one cracks me up. i was trying to get the huge hood out of the way to see her face, my hat was so far down on my head, you could barely see my eyes, plus i'm wearing pajama pants, rain boots, and my big red coat. texans are so not prepared for winter weather. :)

mike took this one of our backyard. i thought it looked so peaceful and serene.

the front of our house

and last night, we were getting a little tired of being inside, so to shake things up. sadie went on a "walk" around the house. she loved it!!

today, it's 60 degrees and beautiful outside, so we went to schmaltz for lunch (the best sandwiches ever) and took a little trip to toys r us for 1 dora doll...we came home with dora, boots, a soft snow white doll, and three dora books. can you tell miss sadie belle loves dora right now?!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

one of my favorites

so i told you we went on a super fun date night last friday but i didn't tell you where! we ate at the most wonderful restaurant that i could probably eat at weekly. it's called se cocina and it is fantastic. living in central texas, we have more than our fair share of mexican restaurants. in fact, we joke that the only things we have in waco are churches, banks, and mexican restaurants!
so it kind of depends what KIND of mexican food you're in the mood for. like if i want quick authentic tex mex (especially enchiladas) we go to el conquistador. if we're wanting a really good mexican salad, we go to on the border or chuy's.
but if i want mexican food that doens't scream tex mex, and i want good meal presentation,we go to se cocina.
(did you know that eating mexican is so complicated?! :)
so i always get the same thing-the BEST thing-on their menu. it's called grandma's tacos and it is divine. homemade flour tortillas with chicken and monterey jack cheese, with the best rice ever and a scrumptious avocado salad. i can't figure out what the dressing is, but it's slightly sweet and tangy and tastes SO good!
the second best things on the menu-mike's fav-is the brisket tacos. they marinate the brisket overnight, shred it, and serve it in corn tortillas, rice, and the same avocado salad.
i love this citrus-y jar of fruit as you walk in the front door.
it's sort of dark in there (not like creepy dark, just ambient lighting) and they've got canvas paintings of a bunch of famous people. it's very modern looking.
now it think i'm hungry!

oh and as we were leaving, i snapped a picture of the 'famous' alico building in waco. in 1953, there was a horrible tornado that went through downtown waco and destroyed everything, but our tallest building (hehe!) wasn't damaged. it's like waco history...

and now moving on from wonderful food to vomit...
sadie threw up last night. not like spit up, like THROW UP.
long before we had her, mike and i had a deep discussion about him cleaning up the throw up of our future kids. i can't handle it. like internally i have a panic attack if i hear/see throw up. (just ask susanne or my mom. hands over my ears to drown out the sound :)
so it was decided i deal with blood of any sort, fever, broken limbs, and he deals with vomit.
so last night, we're thinking she got choked on a tiny piece of lettuce and got sick after eating a huge dinner. i wont' go into any more details, but it was so yucky and i felt so terrible for her. so after seeing that, i was sick for the rest of the night. i know, crazy right?
thankfully she's back to feeling good today!
have a great thursday and stay warm.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a few new things

i have been on a mini shopping spree lately and thought i would share some of the cute things i found.
because everyone needs a new swimsuit and cover up in january right?! actually i just loved it and didn't want to wait until june when everything is picked over so i scored these little cuties at target. (disclaimer: all of these clothes look much cuter on then in these pictures) loving the polka dots and stripes right now. got this cardi at target on clearance.

i've been inspired by my sister to look for cute stuff at resale shops, so i found this loft skirt for $13 the other day!

and this cute tunic/blouse for like $3!

sorry about the weird angle on this one! this was my deal of the week...a diane von furstenburg dress that was at the resale for $76 but was 75% off so i got it for $19!! woohoo!

lately i've been loving kohl's and especially lauren conrad's line. her jeans fit me so great and i thought this flowy top would be fun for spring.

and this dress looks so much better on, but i'm going to pair it with some super high red heels.
what do you think? are you liking the stripes thing?