Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i want to remember...

this post is more for me to not forget all the cute and funny things sadie is doing and saying at 13 months, but you are welcome to enjoy too!

-the other night, she was walking towards her bedroom door not really paying attention to where she was going, and my mom said, "sadie, turn around and watch where you're going" so sadie stopped, turned completely around and looked at us like "now what?" at least she follows directions!

-we were playing in her room and i said, "sadie let me see your eye. it looks like you have a bite on your eyelid." so she reached down to my shoulder and bit me!! all she heard was BITE i guess!
-she now says 'opa' for oops. we have that book red hat, green hat, and it says "oops" on every page. so last week we were reading it and when we got to the oops part, she said opa!
-yesterday she was being a little handful. in the span of 3 minutes she managed to light two burners on my gas range, bite my shoulder, and nearly fling herself out of my arms!
-when i'm putting her to sleep and she's done with her bottle she pushes it away, says "no ma'am" and throws her burp cloth away.
-sadie loves her snow white doll and carries her around all day.
-she blows kisses with the back of her hand and says "mwahh"
-when she's falling asleep, she pats my chest and says "mama, mama"
-she loves target as much as i do (probably because we've been there 2 to 3 times a week since she was born)!
-we've been taking walks with the nice weather, and she can spot the ducks at the lake. she'll say "quack quack"
-my mom frequently meets us at a store or restaurant or the grocery store, so now whenever we go anywhere, sadie looks around and says, "nana?"
-every night, when she hears the garage door open, she stops and says "dada" and waits for him to come around the corner so she can give him big hugs. she LOVES her daddy so much!
she keeps me smiling and laughing! there is never a dull moment with this baby girl around!


  1. Adorable! Isn't it amazing how much babies just pick up?

  2. so cute! you should put up a video of her talking!!

  3. Oh...that is so sweet!! They really do pick up sayings so quickly and they say it so much cuter!! Brings back sooooo many memories---time flies so just continue to enjoy and reflect.

  4. What fun Sadie Girl is! Keep jotting down the cute things she does & says because they change so quickly you can't keep up with them!

  5. oh this makes me miss her so much--can't wait to see her!! (i laughed out loud when you said she throws her burp cloth down & says no maam!)