Thursday, February 3, 2011

one of my favorites

so i told you we went on a super fun date night last friday but i didn't tell you where! we ate at the most wonderful restaurant that i could probably eat at weekly. it's called se cocina and it is fantastic. living in central texas, we have more than our fair share of mexican restaurants. in fact, we joke that the only things we have in waco are churches, banks, and mexican restaurants!
so it kind of depends what KIND of mexican food you're in the mood for. like if i want quick authentic tex mex (especially enchiladas) we go to el conquistador. if we're wanting a really good mexican salad, we go to on the border or chuy's.
but if i want mexican food that doens't scream tex mex, and i want good meal presentation,we go to se cocina.
(did you know that eating mexican is so complicated?! :)
so i always get the same thing-the BEST thing-on their menu. it's called grandma's tacos and it is divine. homemade flour tortillas with chicken and monterey jack cheese, with the best rice ever and a scrumptious avocado salad. i can't figure out what the dressing is, but it's slightly sweet and tangy and tastes SO good!
the second best things on the menu-mike's fav-is the brisket tacos. they marinate the brisket overnight, shred it, and serve it in corn tortillas, rice, and the same avocado salad.
i love this citrus-y jar of fruit as you walk in the front door.
it's sort of dark in there (not like creepy dark, just ambient lighting) and they've got canvas paintings of a bunch of famous people. it's very modern looking.
now it think i'm hungry!

oh and as we were leaving, i snapped a picture of the 'famous' alico building in waco. in 1953, there was a horrible tornado that went through downtown waco and destroyed everything, but our tallest building (hehe!) wasn't damaged. it's like waco history...

and now moving on from wonderful food to vomit...
sadie threw up last night. not like spit up, like THROW UP.
long before we had her, mike and i had a deep discussion about him cleaning up the throw up of our future kids. i can't handle it. like internally i have a panic attack if i hear/see throw up. (just ask susanne or my mom. hands over my ears to drown out the sound :)
so it was decided i deal with blood of any sort, fever, broken limbs, and he deals with vomit.
so last night, we're thinking she got choked on a tiny piece of lettuce and got sick after eating a huge dinner. i wont' go into any more details, but it was so yucky and i felt so terrible for her. so after seeing that, i was sick for the rest of the night. i know, crazy right?
thankfully she's back to feeling good today!
have a great thursday and stay warm.


  1. I started following your page because I was browsing one of my girlfriend's blogs that lives in Abilene I and came across yours! Funny thing....I too live in Central Texas and know all of these places! I haven't been to se cocina! Sounds great! We will have to try it!

  2. oh yum! that made me hungry. what a fun date night. so funny about sadie throwing up (funny as in i can only imagine what you were doing--not funny that she threw up!)

  3. I love the citrus picture! Glad you had a fun date! I felt so sorry for Sadie getting sick to her tummy.....and you!