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four months and a change

here's miss sadie's four month picture with her froggy

i've decided to make a change on my blog...

honestly, i'm a little burnt out on blogging. i've enjoyed talking about our life and what we're up to, but my time is much more limited now with a baby, and i don't feel like i'm utilizing the free time i have in the best way (i need to be spending time with my hubby, doing personal bible study, enjoying the outdoors...) instead i spend time blogging or reading blogs, which can be fun but time consuming SO...
i'll only be posting picture updates-mostly of sadie-so family and friends out of town can see how she's growing! and i've decided to quit reading blogs and try to only check email once or twice a week...the least amount of technology, the better (for me :)
i hope this will be a positive change and one that helps me to use my time better!
thanks for understanding and for reading for the past year and a half

Monday, May 17, 2010

fun weekend and the doctor

on saturday, sadie's grandpa and nama came to see her! we went to panera and sat on the patio for dinner (so nice) then sunday, i made a big breakfast and they got to play a little bit. so much fun! this pic of sadie and grandpa cracks me up ;) and sadie's expression sitting in her nama's lap is too funny!

today was miss thing's 4 month check up. i almost cancelled it because she has been in quite a mood today. my little sweetheart is getting a bit of temper people. ha! but we went ahead with the appt. and she did fine. she weighs 14.5 pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long.
dr. n. told me to start feeding her veggie baby food...can you believe she's big enough for food?!
she had 2 shot and cried big crocodile tears for about a minute, then she went to sleep.

this pic was obviously before the shots ;)

can we say 'mama needs her hair done!' don't worry, i'm getting hilights tommorrow!

and she's started putting her chubby little feet together in the air. isn't that the cutest?
happy monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

she's growing up

guess who had rice cereal for the first time yesterday?! it was all over her and her bumbo, but so much fun! i think she liked it and even tried to feed herself when i gave her the spoon.
i just love this little outfit...i thought it would be too big for her because it's a 6 months romper, but it fit. i can't believe my little sweetie can already wear that size!

and here she is before our meeting last night. i remember getting this adorable outfit from a friend when i was pregnant, and i thought it would be such a long time before she could wear it. but here she is in it!

with mommy

and daddy

she'll be 4 months old this sunday. wow!
  • wanting to sit up all the time and almost can by herself (but she leans forward like one of those jump skiiers :)
  • weighs 14.2 pounds, but probably will weigh more at her 4 mo. check up on monday
  • has started fighting her bottle. i thought it might be reflux, but i really think she's just too busy looking at everything else, and i think she's wanting food! that's my girl!!
  • is a champ at tummy time, but still doesn't enjoy it all that much
  • smiles constantly
  • talks all the time and has learned to squeal
  • has started waking up in the early morning to eat
  • loves to snuggle after a nap
  • knows she can make big splashes in the tub with her legs

we just adore her, can you tell?!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thoughts on motherhood

being a mother is not easy. it is one of the most tiring and rewarding jobs there is.
last night, i found a blog that has completely changed my view on motherhood. we're happy, we have fun, and we adore our baby girl, but i found myself getting too caught up in the routine of life. the stress, the anxieties, and all the other stuff that goes with reality.
but after i read a post on this blog and then went on to read many other of her posts, i realized i want to change how i'm approaching motherhood. it's a gift that i've been blessed with, and i am determined to appreciate it each day, and live for those beautiful little moments that make me say prayers of thanks.
here is the blog post i read...have tissues ready. you will cry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

happy monday to you!

just some recent pics of my girl!
hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, May 7, 2010

show us your life-children's names

okay, i never do two posts in one day but it's show us your life-kids' names at kelly's korner and i ADORE names so i had to post again!

my sister and i have picked out names for our kids since we were little girls, but when it came time to pick out a name for real, it was a little bit harder! i wanted a name that our child would like and a middle name that they could use when they got older if they preferred it over their first name ( i always wanted to go by my middle name, but never did. it's elise)
it was a personal decision to not name our baby after any family, so we just had to decide what names we loved. and my list was long!!
for a boy: we had decided on hudson cole years ago, but when i got pregnant, we changed it to crew hudson. but if i ever have a boy, i'm going back to hudson cole ;)
i LOVE the name hudson and cole just sounded good with it!
for a girl: mike had always loved the name sadie, plus i once saw this adorable contestant on the bachelor named sadie, and it made me like the name even more. originally, she was going to be sadie grey. grey is one of my favorite names, and i'm fond of the one syllable middle name...but one day i was at a jewelry store and the woman who worked there said her little girl's name was isabella. i thought that sounded so good with sadie, plus it was a longer more formal name to go with a short first name. so that's how we came up with her name!

{new loves}

i am SO ready for summer! and with 90 degree temps here lately, it's starting to feel like summer!
i found this website on another blog, and they have the most adorable swimsuits that don't show too much skin! this is the 'sally one piece' but i also love the sophia and samantha too. and i'm thinking i'm going to try a romper or two this summer. hopefully it will end up looking current and not like i'm 4 yrs old in 1985 again~ha!
here are some of my faves from forever 21...

happy friday!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sitting up and a sweet visit

look who's sitting up in her bumbo! i love how she looks like she's just reclining in her easy chair ;) today we went to my grandparents so they could see sadie. my grandaddy is battling cancer and not doing well at all, so i wanted to get some pictures of them together. he lit up when he saw her and just smiled and smiled.

and my sweet grandmother who's exhausted from taking care of him for years. but she loved holding sadie and singing 'this little piggy' to her.
in their backyard, they have the most beautiful shade trees and freshly planted spring flowers, so sadie and i had fun being outside for awhile. i showed her the horses too! and a butterfly landed on her. so sweet!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

weekend in plano

we had so much fun in plano this weekend. we got there around 11 on friday morning (sadie slept the whole way there, which was great!) mike took my car to the land rover dealership to get it serviced since we don't have one in waco. and sadie and i stayed at susanne's and talked. mom was there too and had gone to whole foods and gotten us yummy stuff for lunch, so we ate chicken salad and chips and hummus. then mckinlee came home from school and played with sadie! i love this picture because you can see how they adore each other! friday night we went to freddy's frozen custard for dinner where they have the BEST cheeseburgers and fries. then we went to michele busch's for a jewelry show. she's a friend of susanne's and makes the most gorgeous jewelry. check out her website ! i was exhausted by this time and it was nearing sadie's bedtime so mike and i left the party and went back to susanne's. sadie talked the whole way home and was in the best mood. so mike stayed with her upstairs while i went downstairs to make her night night bottle. mike said she looked around, realized she wasn't in her room, her bottom lip curled out and she started sobbing hysterically. this is the child that rarely, if ever, cries, so we were both so flustered and didn't know what to do. it took her so long to calm down and drink her bottle, but once she did, she slept all night in her play yard. i on the other hand, did not sleep well at all. a baby that's a noisy sleeper, a husband who was yelling in his sleep that someone was chasing him, and me getting up 25 times to go to the bathroom made for an eventful and tiring night! so finally at 6 i asked mom to come in our room and watch her while we went in her room and slept (oh and mckinlee woke up and got in bed with mom and sadie) so when susanne came upstairs saturday morning, we were all in different beds from the night before! hehe
so after getting some sleep on sat. morning, we went to watters crossing (i think that's the name of the shopping area) in allen. it was so beautiful there with all the spring flowers blooming. we ate at cheesecake factory. yum!

here are susanne, chris, and mckinlee about to eat lunch

all the girls! (you notice sadie is conveniently covering my post partum belly!) babies are so good for that ;)

we went into a vera bradley store...oh my goodness! the beautiful bags in so many patterns were very tempting. and they have the cutest diaper bag, but i held myself back because my amex is getting ridiculous as of late!
then we went to dsw, and mike and i both got a pair of shoes (after all it is Discount Shoe Warehouse) so i think it's okay to buy if what you're buying is at a discount!!
here are mckinlee and sadie in the store...

after getting a piece of tiramisu cheesecake to go, we headed back home. it was a great weekend, and for sadie's first trip out of town, she did fantastic!