Monday, May 17, 2010

fun weekend and the doctor

on saturday, sadie's grandpa and nama came to see her! we went to panera and sat on the patio for dinner (so nice) then sunday, i made a big breakfast and they got to play a little bit. so much fun! this pic of sadie and grandpa cracks me up ;) and sadie's expression sitting in her nama's lap is too funny!

today was miss thing's 4 month check up. i almost cancelled it because she has been in quite a mood today. my little sweetheart is getting a bit of temper people. ha! but we went ahead with the appt. and she did fine. she weighs 14.5 pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long.
dr. n. told me to start feeding her veggie baby food...can you believe she's big enough for food?!
she had 2 shot and cried big crocodile tears for about a minute, then she went to sleep.

this pic was obviously before the shots ;)

can we say 'mama needs her hair done!' don't worry, i'm getting hilights tommorrow!

and she's started putting her chubby little feet together in the air. isn't that the cutest?
happy monday!


  1. Goodness...those adorable cheeks..."kissing cheeks"! I cannot believe how much she's grown! It seems like you were just blogging about having a newborn! She is just darling!

  2. i love the one with her and grandpa--so funny! you both look so cute at the doctors--and she gets to eat real food. i bet she will LOVE that!

  3. What cute expressions she has! Of course, I think she's just wonderful!