Wednesday, October 28, 2009

anniversary continued...

can you tell wedding anniversaries are a big deal to us?! we've been celebrating for a week now. hehe! and we are having our 'family' anniversary dinner and party next saturday!

but here are some more pics from sunday. we stayed at the marriott waterway in the woodlands which is a great hotel in such a beautiful setting. sunday morning we had breakfast in the restaurant~so yummy! omelets, biscuits and sausage gravy, fruit, and sticky buns. then we walked around the waterway and market street for a little while. the weather was perfect! and we got some books for sadie.

here is our hotel this is in front of tommy bahama's restaurant. right behind me is a little fountain area that normally shoots water up in the air for kids to play in.

the plants and flowers were so gorgeous!

after we walked around a bit, it was time for our massages at the marriott spa. let me tell you, it was heavenly! i LOVE massages and got them frequently before i was pregnant, but have not had one in probably 8 or 9 months, so it was such a treat to get a prenatal massage! i was so relaxed, i went to sleep a couple of times, which i never do...and mike got a deep tissue massage and went to sleep too. after our massages, we went back to tommy bahamas's to have a late lunch. if you have never been to tb' must go to one! there are only 12 restaurants in the u.s. and we're trying to make our way to all of them ;) we split the crab cakes and guacamole appetizer, sanibel stuffed chicken (the BEST thing on the menu), and a brownie and ice cream for dessert. they also have this amazing bread with mango butter that is divine...can you tell i love this place?! and the whole decor is very 'havana meets south florida' so great!

after our late lunch, we drove home and just chilled sunday night...i could definitely tell that night that i hadn't had a massage in awhile because it released all my icky toxins in my body and i felt crummy...but it was still worth it!

monday morning, i had my 7 month ob. appt. and everything went really well. sadie is growing and so am i. i've gained 16 pounds so far. her heartrate was 156, and she is so active and busy all the time, kicking and moving around. is that an indication of how she'll be after she's born? i'm already tired...hehe!

monday night, mike brought home the most beautiful flowers for me...he said he was trying to get it right this year (since last year he didn't get me flowers on our actual anniversary day and the restaurant we were going to eat at was closed, so we had to eat mexican food at a place i don't even like) but i still love him!! we went to eat at prime 135 which is this cool steak restaurant with an old hollywood theme...all the dishes are named after old hollywood stars...i had the van dyke chopped steak and he had the chicken peck. yum!

after dinner, we took our HUGE piece of chocolate cake the waitress gave us (for free) to mom and les' house! she made coffee for us and had her dining table all set up with cute anniversary napkins and candles going. so sweet. and they gave us one of our presents...a new Bunn coffee maker. we can't wait to use it!

after all the fun we had, tuesday morning i had to do my glucose test for gestational diabetes...i wasn't looking forward to it, but it went fine. except i don't really drink anything fast, so to have to guzzle a flat orange soda at 9am was a little gross! i'm just glad it's over...

whew...i had a lot to say today! enjoy your wednesday!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

saturday at the assembly

saturday we went to mike's parents' assembly in rosenberg...i had heard the program was great, and it was! each part was so thought provoking and gave us just the encouragement we needed to 'safeguard our spirituality' (that was the theme) and we had so much fun seeing our old friends and surprising some with our pregnancy!!
this is us with marti and cameron and miss them! and they didn't know i was pregnant so it was fun to see the looks on their faces when they saw me ;) another big surprise-this is my friend faydra who is 5 months pregnant with their first baby after being married for 13 years...and neither of us knew the other was pregnant!
the guy on the left is george holloway...just the a teddy bear (a hilarious and crazy teddy bear) who was a groomsmen in our wedding. he has lost 60 pounds! way to go! and the guy on the right is dennis him!

here is george's wife, heather, and i...they were in our congregation in montgomery, and i miss seeing what new outfits she had on every week! she never wore anything twice!

here are braely, corey, luke, and amelia...their little family has grown up so much...they are such dear friends to us!

after the assembly mike's parents, larry and debbie, took us to eat at pappadeaux with mike's sister lindsey and her hubby, brandon. the food was so delicious and we had a great time with them.

and here is my 27 week picture!
tommorrow i'll post all about our wonderful day of pampering at the marriott, my 7 month ob appt., and our anniversary dinner last night...

Monday, October 26, 2009

7 years

october 26.2002 was the day mike and i got was a wonderful day full of family and friends and food! we had a very intimate wedding on the river at my aunt and uncle's gorgeous home. it was just perfect to us!
happy anniversary babe!
"you're everything i never knew i always wanted."~fools rush in

Friday, October 23, 2009

pecan twist

have you had the pecan twist at panera? if you have not, i suggest you try one this weekend...there's the sweetest lady that works at our panera and she suggested i try the pecan twist last week. it was scrumptious! we went to panera yesterday for our girls' breakfast and had a great time. i got the egg, applewood smoked bacon, and cheese on a plain bagel, but danna said the cheddar jalapeno bagel was so great, i wish i had gotten that! i'll try it next time. and i loved this picture of phillip and his cute little smile!
this afternoon we are leaving to go see mike's parents in montgomery, and tommorrow we're going to their assembly in rosenberg...i'm looking forward to seeing all of our old friends, and i've heard this assembly is fantastic! the theme is 'safeguard your spirituality', so i can't wait to listen. tommorrow night mike's parents are taking us to pappadeaux's for our anniversary and then we're staying at the marriott in the woodlands!
*have a great weekend*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

random musings

a few of my thoughts on this cozy rainy morning...

1. Have you seen the new show on HGTV Dear Genevieve? Love Gen Gorder, who used to be on Trading Spaces and was recently on Design Star...she has such an eclectic but classic style! And she just had the cutest little girl name Bebelle! 2. My Gownie (hospital gown) came yesterday from BabyBeMine Maternity. It is so cute, no?! I think every woman going into the hospital should have a cute hospital gown. After all, when else do you have as many pictures taken as when you deliver your child...and to be in that old blue gown that 5000 women have worn before you? I think not.

3. This is the baby mobile i'm getting for Sadie Belle's room! It will have a monogram wire "S" and the little lambs will be grey instead of white...i found it on etsy at PinkPerch. She makes the most adorable baby mobiles I have ever seen!
4. Do you watch Flipping Out on Bravo? Mike and I do, and although I think Jeff Lewis needs to clean up his language, his sense of humor cracks me up! He is so sarcastic and anti-nurturing but sort of in a lovable last night...he was doing a remodel on a house and had his men put spider bombs in the house to get rid of all the spiders. His client and her son weren't aware of this and walked in the house. They immediately got sick and instead of Jeff feeling sorry about the situation, he couldn't stop laughing. Or last week, when there was a homeless person living at one of his remodels and he said "a few things really scare clowns and homeless people." he so outrageously politically incorrect about some things, you just have to chuckle.
5. I have to buy groceries today, but have no cooking inspiration this week. If you have any great recipes to share with me, please do!
Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm ticked...

before i get to the reason i am TICKED OFF, here is my 26 week picture...this was right before i had my preggy pics taken on saturday!

first let me preface this by saying if you are not interested in hearing the rantings of a slightly emotional, very pregnant girl, come back tommorrow...maybe i will have something positive to talk about then!

so today i had an appt. to take my Land Rover to the dealership in downtown Austin. we don't have a dealership in Waco, so i have to drive 2 hours to take it there. i made the appt. 3 weeks ago, but had to reschedule last week because it was raining, so i was scheduled to come at 10:30 this morning...which means we left at 8:30 to get there. my 3rd row seat latch is broken so i can't use that seat at all right now...anyway mom went with me, so i wouldn't have to drive there alone. we got to the dealership at 10:20 at which point i went inside to talk with the service guy who i made the appt. with. after waiting for awhile for him to get off the phone, he told me they would TRY to get to my car today. i said i am obviously pregnant, i live out of town, and cannot make several trips to Austin for this car to have a minor repair done. he looked at me like he didn't give a crap about it...and said most likely they could take a look today to see if it even needed that part replaced or if it was some other problem. so i said, you mean i may have to wait ALL DAY LONG in Austin and you may not even look at my car?! he pulled up the little screen on his computer and said there were 27 CARS IN LINE BEFORE MINE! are you kidding me? who schedules 27 cars to be repaired on 1 day at a dealership? so i got in my loaner car, called mike, and he told me to find my sales guy and talk to him about the situation... i did and they pulled my car around to the back about 5 minutes later, so i thought great! they'll take a quick look at it and let me know in an hour or 2 at the most. so mom and i went to anthropologie and shopped and then went to whole foods for lunch...i called the dealership around 1:15 and my sales guy still didn't know anything, so i just drove back to the dealership to find out what was going went inside to talk to the sales guy, because by this time, i was already tired and on the verge of tears. they came back out and said it would be 5 or 6 pm before they would be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem (his words). an "accurate diagnosis?" i'm not a car person, but i can look at that dang latch and tell you it's broken dude...

i said i would like my broken car back right now and i will now be going home...i will not be coming to your service department ever again. so right before i leave, the weasly little service guy walked up and said oh are you leaving? i said yes, i am taking my broken car home now. he said hmmm...these things take time. have a good day. i could have TWEAKED HIS BEAKY LITTLE NOSE but instead i summoned every ounce of my Christian personality and said thanks, goodbye. i will not even tell you the rest of the story after i left, and filled mike in on what happened...needless to say, my dear husband is not nearly as patient or sweet as me {wink}

despite my complete irritation, we did manage to have fun shopping and eating. mom some adorable things at anthro. and i got a green sweater and necklace for my baby shower.

and we had to have some yummy treats at whole foods. a mini eclair, mini choc. chip sandwich and a white choc. covered peanut butter cookie...

it was a beautiful day, so we got to eat outside!

and here's a view of the patio from where we were sitting!

if you've made it through this very long, mostly negative's a hug from me to you!

Friday, October 16, 2009


last night we went to the HOT (Heart O'Texas) rodeo. this is a big deal here...people love the fair and rodeo! i am not so much a fair person but i do like to watch the non-scary parts of the rodeo. mike got free box seat tickets from the bank for last night, so mom and les went with us and we had a fun time! we ate at Logan's Steakhouse before we went. don't we look like real cowboys and cowgirls?! {wink}

i have to say the rodeo does freak me out a little...we watched calf roping and steer wrestling...i don't like to see the poor little calf getting thrown to the ground and tied up even though i know it doesn't usually hurt them. and last night i was so paranoid that a steer was going to get mad after being wrestled and jump over the railing into the box seats where we were! ha! (the things you think about when pregnant huh?)

here is the mutton bustin' event...tiny little kids ride a sheep for 6 seconds (i think) to win a pair of boots and a trophy...last night this precious little girl rode the sheep way past the middle of the arena. she was determined not to let go! it was hilarious and the runner up was also a little girl...way to go little cowgirls!

i didn't get to see him last friday, but jackson young did this event too. you're brave jackson, congrats!

here i am outside the was so windy and cold last night after being so hot during the day

love this pic! i made mom and les stand by the 'longhorns' and do the longhorn sign (les is a huge UT fan)

happy friday! have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sneaky peeky

we had our first fire on sunday night when it was cold and was so cozy!

and mike's present (the right one) finally came! he loves maps and globes and has maps hung in his office from different places we've been around the world. he's been wanting a globe for a long time, so he really loved his present.
and here are a few little sneaks of sadie's room. sorry in advance for the pictures being so awful! it has been dreary and dark for days with no natural light, so it makes the colors in the pics so off, but oh can get an idea of what it looks like.

when we're completely done, i'll show detailed pics!
ooh...and i have to tell you about some of my purchases yesterday! they have all their 4 oz. candles at bath & body on sale for $5, so i got creamy chestnut and if you spend $15, you get a free item up to $13. i bought a wallflower in creamy chestnut for $6, and got the aromatherapy sleep lavender chamomile lotion for free! but i can't decide if the creamy chestnut smell makes me sick; maybe i should have gone with pumpkin?!
and at compass (it's a fun cheap jewelry store for you non-waco girls), i had a frequent buyer coupon, so i got the cutest huge gold earrings and cuff bracelet, and a stretchy silver and blingy ring, and and adorable lime green and white tote bag with a big pink 'D' monogrammed on it! there's nothing like shopping to brighten my spirits on these dreary, rainy days.
happy wednesday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


do you ever just see a commercial and think 'what?!' i've seen this commercial a lot lately and while i love to be snuggled up when reading or watching tv, would you really wear a gigantic blanket with sleeves? this morning the commercial showed a grown man wearing one and it looked like a monk's robe...except he wasn't a monk...he was just wearing his snuggie! pic from photobucket

and last night i saw several commercials for the birth of the Duggar's grandchild. i have a lot of respect for this family-they show more patience with all of those kids that i will probably ever possess- and i respect their wanting to be modest (i think it's an important part of being a Christian) but the poor daughter-in-law is wearing a corduroy skirt while giving birth...i don't quite get that one. if your delivery is going to be on national television, i completely understand having a sheet over you or just not filming from that angle...but ankle length corduroy?

pic from associated press
have a good tuesday...i will be trying to stay is so rainy and dreary here! and i'm going to help kali organize and purge her closet before she packs to move...

Sunday, October 11, 2009


this weekend, we have been painting and eating and that's pretty much it! i should clarify that i have not done ANY painting at all, but i have been a supportive wife and watched mike paint. my experiences with painting in the past have not been so seems like such a good idea when i decide to paint a room, but about 1 hour into it, i'm SO over it all and then it's just not fun. but mike is a great painter. he took off all the switchplates and taped everything off...then painted the bright pink wall. he's going to finish tommorrow with the pale pink walls. don't you love this pink?! i'm so excited to see it all finished! look at how fat my face is getting...ugh!

and last night i made a yum dinner...i stuffed pork chops with a mixture of spinach, ricotta, cream cheese, s&p, and garlic salt and baked at 400*. i boiled egg noodles and mixed them with butter and put the stuffed pork chop over them. it was really good! (it was a variation of a recipe i had seen on everyday italian the other day)

and this morning, i made mushroom, bacon, and cheddar omelets. i was trying to recreate our favorite omelets at cafe cappucino but they weren't quite the same...but still good.

and here i am at 25 weeks...only 15 to go!

Friday, October 9, 2009

{new loves}

i am so into leggings right now, so i love this little outfit from anthro...a cute sweater and a pair of leggings!
and here is an outfit that i would love for sadie from janie & jack...

remember my 5 pieces of scrapbook paper? i used them to make letters for the nursery...i got some mdf letters at hobby lobby for $10 and the paper i wanted. i painted the edges of the letters pale pink and then mod podged the sb paper to the letters, let them dry and cut the paper around the letters out. then i used a piece of sandpaper to sand off the edges where the extra paper was. i thought it turned out so pretty! (i learned that technique for doing letters in a donna downey scrapbook class that susanne and i took a few years ago)
i'm going to attach some ribbon to the back of each letter and hang it like a banner above her crib!

and look at all these clothes and shoes! sarah jones gave me a bunch of her little girl kate's clothes that she has already outgrown...some things haven't even been worn!

so i'm trying to organize everything by size and put it up in her closet and dresser...and this is an organizational idea i got from ali edwards' blog. she bought a kitchen storage shelf at target and put baskets in it to store her daughter's things, so i did the same thing for sadie. i got the silver shelf at target and the white baskets at ikea. i've put different things in each basket like, shoes, hats, socks and leggings, and headbands and bows. i think it will work out really well for her closet!

are you planning to watch dcc making the team which starts this saturday night on cmt? i LOVE this's so texas! check it out! and have a fantastic weekend!