Tuesday, October 6, 2009


the drama at our house continues...this morning around 1 am mike was tossing and turning in bed and usually when he's fidgety, his sugar level is low (he's diabetic) so i asked him if he needed to check his sugar and he was pretty unresponsive and couldn't even get out of bed...so i got his glucometer to check it and his sugar level was 30! normal is between 90 and 120...i got him a huge glass of orange juice and some cookies and thankfully his sugar came up. but he was drenched in sweat and so out of it for awhile. he said he couldn't even think to tell me he was feeling bad, he just kept thinking about sadie and i. (how sweet) anyway, he's feels better today, just a little tired. but it always shakes me up a little when he has sugar issues!

today i met kali and her mom, janet, at la madeline in georgetown and had a great lunch...i had quiche, potato soup, and a lemon madeline! then we went to ikea. kali and tim are totally redoing the house they just bought, so we've been planning this trip for a few months. she got so many great things-bath vanity, dresser, sideboard, lamps, and tons of other cute things for the new house!

here are our baskets at first...

kali 'making tea' in the showroom...

me 'getting something to eat in the fridge'...(which is SO appropriate because i am eating constantly now)

our baskets getting much fuller...

and this is before we went to the warehouse to get all the big stuff!

we had so much fun and i can't wait to help her put it together in the new house!!

and here are my dinners for the last 2 nights...on monday, i made the best and easiest chicken pot pie from kraft foods website! so easy, and you do the crust with puff pastry. yum!

and tonight, i made homemade beef stew and mike made grilled cheese sandwiches...this is the best comfort meal to me!

tommorrow i'll be posting pics of mike's anniversary present! it was delivered this afternoon!


  1. How scary for your husband (and you)! Glad to hear everything is fine. Sadly, if I was married to a diabetic, I would probably eat all of the sugar intended for him. Yes, so sad.

    I've been to IKEA one time (hours away) and found heaven! Looks like you had fun and scored some goodies!

    And after a full day of shopping you had a homemade meal! Wow girl! I need some of your energy! :)

  2. how fun! i can't wait to see her house--i'm sure it will be so cute and uber-organized!
    now then, you are the cutest pregnant girl i think i've ever seen!! i love those shoes--target, right?
    so sorry about mike's sugar? hope he's better now. can't wait to know what his anniversary present is. (btw, email us your anniversary wish list.)
    i'll have to try that chicken pot pie--looks delish!

  3. What a fun day! Sorry I missed it, but my hair had to be colored! The listing appointment wasn't worth staying, but that's the way real estate goes!

    Looks like you had a productive shopping trip! I love the pictures! And of course, the meals are yummy looking.

    Glad Mike is feeling better! So stressful for you although you do very well. Anxious to see his present!

  4. Ok, so first I am so glad to see you wearing flats!! :) Cute dress too. Can't wait to see Kali's house when it's all done; I am sure it will be darling. I went there today and they've done a lot just since I was there last.

    Love Ikea. It's so great! I can always find something there I have to have.

    Sorry about Mike! Very scary, but glad he's ok.
    See ya tonight!

  5. Love Ikea! Looks like you find some great stuff. Congrats on your pregnancy! You are so cute! I am expecting my second child. We are due in Feb.