Wednesday, October 21, 2009

random musings

a few of my thoughts on this cozy rainy morning...

1. Have you seen the new show on HGTV Dear Genevieve? Love Gen Gorder, who used to be on Trading Spaces and was recently on Design Star...she has such an eclectic but classic style! And she just had the cutest little girl name Bebelle! 2. My Gownie (hospital gown) came yesterday from BabyBeMine Maternity. It is so cute, no?! I think every woman going into the hospital should have a cute hospital gown. After all, when else do you have as many pictures taken as when you deliver your child...and to be in that old blue gown that 5000 women have worn before you? I think not.

3. This is the baby mobile i'm getting for Sadie Belle's room! It will have a monogram wire "S" and the little lambs will be grey instead of white...i found it on etsy at PinkPerch. She makes the most adorable baby mobiles I have ever seen!
4. Do you watch Flipping Out on Bravo? Mike and I do, and although I think Jeff Lewis needs to clean up his language, his sense of humor cracks me up! He is so sarcastic and anti-nurturing but sort of in a lovable last night...he was doing a remodel on a house and had his men put spider bombs in the house to get rid of all the spiders. His client and her son weren't aware of this and walked in the house. They immediately got sick and instead of Jeff feeling sorry about the situation, he couldn't stop laughing. Or last week, when there was a homeless person living at one of his remodels and he said "a few things really scare clowns and homeless people." he so outrageously politically incorrect about some things, you just have to chuckle.
5. I have to buy groceries today, but have no cooking inspiration this week. If you have any great recipes to share with me, please do!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. How cute you will be delivering! Probably the only person I've known to have a "hospitally-chic" gown!!! Love Saide's little mobile--does it play a melody???

  2. Love Genevieve, love the hospital gown, love the mobile, love Flipping Out! :)

  3. love the gown! won't you be cute! the mobile is so darling~it will look really pretty in sadie's room and be a little different~i like it.

  4. Am I crazy, or do YOU look like Genevieve? I am so glad you commented. Your blog is cute! Wish I had known about those gowns...I adorned the ugly blue ones all 3 times!

  5. Your hospital gown is so cute! Now, just make sure you wear waterproof mascara AND eyeliner! :)

    The mobile is adorable!