Tuesday, October 27, 2009

saturday at the assembly

saturday we went to mike's parents' assembly in rosenberg...i had heard the program was great, and it was! each part was so thought provoking and gave us just the encouragement we needed to 'safeguard our spirituality' (that was the theme) and we had so much fun seeing our old friends and surprising some with our pregnancy!!
this is us with marti and cameron alvarez...love and miss them! and they didn't know i was pregnant so it was fun to see the looks on their faces when they saw me ;) another big surprise-this is my friend faydra who is 5 months pregnant with their first baby after being married for 13 years...and neither of us knew the other was pregnant!
the guy on the left is george holloway...just the a teddy bear (a hilarious and crazy teddy bear) who was a groomsmen in our wedding. he has lost 60 pounds! way to go! and the guy on the right is dennis barker...love him!

here is george's wife, heather, and i...they were in our congregation in montgomery, and i miss seeing what new outfits she had on every week! she never wore anything twice!

here are braely, corey, luke, and amelia...their little family has grown up so much...they are such dear friends to us!

after the assembly mike's parents, larry and debbie, took us to eat at pappadeaux with mike's sister lindsey and her hubby, brandon. the food was so delicious and we had a great time with them.

and here is my 27 week picture!
tommorrow i'll post all about our wonderful day of pampering at the marriott, my 7 month ob appt., and our anniversary dinner last night...


  1. how cute you are!! neat to see everyone from montgomery. mckinlee just looked at your picture and said, "sure there's just one in there?" sadie is getting so big! :)

  2. also meant to say i see you're already using your new "diaper bag." is that fair? hee hee!

  3. You are such a fashionista! Love your cutie style! So, are you just itty bitty or are all of the people you are pictured with really tall? :) Looks like you had such a lovely time!

  4. susanne...i promise i only used my 'diaper bag' this weekend! it just looked so cute with my outfit on saturday ;) but it will not be used again until sadie's born, i promise!

    lauren...your comment made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt! it does look like i'm a teeny tiny person doesn't it?! i'm not! i'm 5'5", but all the ladies i was standing next to are like 6 feet tall with heels on! too funny :)