Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sneaky peeky

we had our first fire on sunday night when it was cold and was so cozy!

and mike's present (the right one) finally came! he loves maps and globes and has maps hung in his office from different places we've been around the world. he's been wanting a globe for a long time, so he really loved his present.
and here are a few little sneaks of sadie's room. sorry in advance for the pictures being so awful! it has been dreary and dark for days with no natural light, so it makes the colors in the pics so off, but oh can get an idea of what it looks like.

when we're completely done, i'll show detailed pics!
ooh...and i have to tell you about some of my purchases yesterday! they have all their 4 oz. candles at bath & body on sale for $5, so i got creamy chestnut and if you spend $15, you get a free item up to $13. i bought a wallflower in creamy chestnut for $6, and got the aromatherapy sleep lavender chamomile lotion for free! but i can't decide if the creamy chestnut smell makes me sick; maybe i should have gone with pumpkin?!
and at compass (it's a fun cheap jewelry store for you non-waco girls), i had a frequent buyer coupon, so i got the cutest huge gold earrings and cuff bracelet, and a stretchy silver and blingy ring, and and adorable lime green and white tote bag with a big pink 'D' monogrammed on it! there's nothing like shopping to brighten my spirits on these dreary, rainy days.
happy wednesday!


  1. the little glimpses of sadie's room are so pretty! i love that quote~~it's one of my favorites. i heard candles were on sale at b&bw. i better go soon!

  2. forgot to say...i love mike's globe. i bet it looks great in his office!

  3. Sadie's room looks lovely!!! I can't wait to see more.

  4. Sadie's room looks so adorable from your sneeky peek! Beautiful colors!

    We just had our fireplace gas filled, so we are ready to turn that baby on! Yours looks beautiful! I really LOVE a real fire...smell, sight, crackles...but not in my home! Gas for us! :)