Sunday, April 29, 2012

the spa and the park

yesterday my mom, kami, and i went on a little trip to the spa...we had been planning a spa day for a LONG time now, and i was so ready for it! we went to the amazing lake austin spa for some pampering. oh was it amazing!! the grounds were gorgeous, the food is all organic, locally grown, and healthy, and the treatments were so relaxing!

here is the view going in
 the 3 of us ready for our girls day
 this was the view heading out to the pool
 the indoor pool building and the outdoor patio for the restaurant
i had a southwestern turkey sandwich that was so delicious and a lentil salad with field greens. yum!
 kami and i had pedicures, then lunch, then all 3 of us had massages. my masseuse was a little odd, so i wasn't as relaxed as i normally am (she told me she thought i was 2 weeks pregnant because she's a little psychic-which i don't believe in!-and told me she was the "mean one" at the spa, meaning she made your muscles hurt! was i supposed to be afraid?! just weird. but that's austin for you right?! :)

after massages, we made our way to the beautiful pool, where i had the best nap under the cabana!
 this is the view looking toward the main building
 after napping, we got ready for dinner. we ended up going into downtown austin to truluck's. delicious food and the best singer/piano player in the bar area.
so much fun! i'm ready for our next girls' day!
 tonight after dinner, some friends met us at the park with their son, jayden, who is the cutest little boy ever.  sadie grabbed his hand!
 then turned around and said sweetly, "we're holding hands!" cute now, but ask me how i feel about in about 12 years! ;)
 they had so much fun, and it was great visiting with them all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

date night and a play date

hi! how was your weekend? ours was good! saturday morning we went for the first time to our downtown farmer's was really fun! they had a band playing, a tent of fresh fruit crepes being  made, brick oven pizza, and a bunch of other fun stuff.  i was a little disappointed with the lack of fruits/veggies but maybe it's too early in the season.  we did pick up farm fresh eggs, local honey, goat's milk lavender soap, and some herbs, and a tomato plant.  i planned to take pictures and completely forgot my camera ;(

saturday night, mike and i had a date night while nana and sadie belle cooked their dinner and played.
here is sadie helping nana...she is so into helping cook right now. i love it!
 mike and i met my aunt and uncle at a restaurant in temple called pignetti's. here we are before leaving.
 family pic (including heart blankie-all of the sudden sadie is VERY attached to it!)
 aaron and peggy at dinner.  we had some delicious italian food...peggy got lasagna, aaron a ribeye steak, mike got chicken marsala, and i got the best pizza i've ever had...pepperoni, artichokes, red peppers, arugula, and mozzarella on thin crust. yum!!
 i love the restaurant sign. we will be going back i'm sure!
 and this morning kami and parker came over for a playdate...the girls played while we talked, then we headed to mcalister's for lunch.
 doesn't parker look just like her mama? so cute.
 and sadie belle was in the middle of saying "cheese" ha!
i'm off to do my daily bible reading and make turkey lasagna...
happy monday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

memorial 2012 and a trip to plano

it seems like i go longer and longer between blog posts is just busy! which is good!

last thursday was our memorial celebration of jesus' death.  it is the most special day of the year for us as we remember the ransom sacrifice and what it means for mankind.

it was a beautiful celebration, but we do have a busy 2 year old so the night was a little wild for us (trying to keep sadie quiet during the talk when it was bedtime was quite interesting ;)

and trying to get her to smile for the camera just does not happen now!
 the gorgeous arrangement of flowers
 the bread and wine
 sadie was fascinated with the flowers
 yep...i feel like crying too, but i plastered on a fake smile!
 surprisingly good family pic (thanks brett!)
 sadie belle with caitlynn and joseph...they are so cute
 baby logan all dressed up
 kami and miss parker--she is just too much with the pearls :)

then on tuesday, we went to stay with susanne and mckinlee in plano...we had a great time talking, shopping, and eating (i think those are the 3 things i do best. ha!)

i loved this one of mck and sadie
 she is so grown up now and just beautiful
 mom and mck
 on wednesday we went to a beautiful outdoor mall called watters creek...great stores there!
 don't mom and susanne look coordinated in their outfits?!
 sadie belle with a piggy statue
 there was the prettiest park with a little creek and ducks...sadie didn't want to leave! i love this one of sadie and zizi
 and these two of mom and sadie are so cute!

 susanne picked up mckinlee from school early and we went to get some are the fountains right by paciugo (the gelato shop)
 they have so many wonderful flavors there! i got coconut creme pie and mint choc. chip. yum!

we had a GREAT time! as always!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

disney princess on ice and our backyard blooming!

saturday we went to dallas to see the disney princess on ice was fantastic!

here are abby and sadie in their princess dresses before the show

 in line to get in...i fixed the girls up a goody bag for the show, and sadie would not let go of her princess stickers! she loved them! i also gave them sparkly bracelets, a coloring book, a princess hair clip, and a sprinkle cupcake to eat at the show
 i couldn't get either of them to look at the camera...there was so much going on, i think they were a little overwhelmed

 the princess and the frog

 me and my sweetie pie
 tangled...they flew through the air on golden streamers! it was amazing.

 all the princesses at the end!
 and a very tired 2 year old afterwards!!
 and i loved this sassy picture of sadie before our meeting on sunday...we did her hair in a "ballerina" bun
 and lastly, a few pictures of our backyard...mike has been working so hard getting the yard looking beautiful for spring and summer.  all of our flowers are blooming, and everything just looks beautiful!

mike and sadie's garden..they've planted asparagus, spinach, carrots, blueberries, squash, and garlic. all the little plants are starting to sprout...i just love it.
 and the gorgeous hibiscus mike bought the other day
have a great wednesday!