Wednesday, March 31, 2010

memorial 2010

it was a wonderful memorial of Jesus' death last night. such a special occasion to reflect on Christ's ransom sacrifice and what it means for us... (here are a ton of pictures...i couldn't help it, it was sadie's first memorial! and these aren't even all of them ;)

my sweet grandparents

mom and les

shannon, caitlynn, and joseph

look at sadie's eyes! hehe!

kiersten and garrett

savanah and brett

lettie, lajeana, and gabriel (love that hat!)

bryce, kathy, and derrick

sarah and kate

sadie and kate (kate can't wait for sadie to grow up so they can play!)

nana and sadie

Monday, March 29, 2010


it was just this kind of a day

Friday, March 26, 2010

{new loves}

here are a couple of things i'm really loving right now... this cute shirtdress from banana republic, BUT only if it was about 4 inches longer! what's up with all the mini skirts this spring?
and this skirt from anthro. i'm thinking of making it mine!

and here's sadie this morning with her "mommy's drama queen" shirt on. hehe!

enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

burning the fat off

yesterday i went to the gym to start losing the rest of the baby weight and toning my body! i lost 20 of my 28 pounds gained like 3 days after i had sadie, but sadly the last 8 pounds have not come off and now i have gained a couple more. boo! (it doesn't help that i eat every time she eats during the night and sometimes i eat even when she doesn't wake up-she's doing better than me for her night feedings ;)
i met mike there and we worked our biceps and triceps with machines and free weights, then we did ab work, then the stationary bike for cardio. i am feeling it today!
after the gym, i was hungry of course so i went to chick fil a and thought about getting the grilled chicken sandwich for about 2 seconds before i placed my order for the original chicken sandwich (the fried one), BUT i did get a huge water instead of a sprite. baby steps.

see here i am about to order my sandwich. so happy!
then i tanned at tanfastic, but i was parked right in front of the store and thought they might think i was strange for taking a pic of their store, so i didn't.

and this is what i got to see when i got home...

happy wednesday everybody!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

karaoke dance

saturday night some friends had a karaoke dance at poppa rollo's pizza party room. it was the coolest just paid for your pizza at the door and got the song list of entertainers for the night. it was sadie's first party and i have to say it was pretty loud, but she went to sleep through all the noise! it was fun to hear all the people that were brave enough to stand up there and sing. i did not sing, but maybe next time! sadie had on the cutest little outfit from children's place...a t-shirt that said 'babe' on it and some adorable ruffle leggings.

i liked this one of mom and les!

mike's sister lindsey and her husband brandon had come to stay with us for the weekend, so they went to the party too. this was the first time they had seen sadie in person!

today was super chill...after the meeting, we got pei wei to go and relaxed all afternoon. i'm sipping a glass of really good cabernet right now and mike and i are going to get in bed and watch the movie 'state of play'. hope you had a great weekend too!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

two months

i can't believe my baby is two months old! every month i take a picture of sadie beside her frog... she had it beside her in her newborn picture, and i'm planning on doing it until she's a year old to see how much she's grown.

another thing i'm doing (thanks to susanne's suggestion) is taking a family picture on the 16th of every month to document our little family. here's this month's picture.

today was sadie's 2 month dr's visit and she did great. she weighs 11.3 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. she got a shot in each leg, and cried for about 30 seconds, then she was okay. i don't think she feels great this afternoon, though, poor little thing. but here we were at the dr's office...

happy thursday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

fun with the girls

this week has been so fun so far! susanne and mckinlee came to stay here for spring break, so we've been doing a lot of eating/talking/shopping! it is so cute to see mckinlee with sadie, she is so good with her and such a big help to me. like today, when normally i can barely keep my eyes open in the early afternoon because i'm so tired, but i have to because sadie's awake, i didn't have to!!! i got to take a 2 hour nap. thank you susanne and mckinlee!
yesterday, we met kali for lunch at chipotle. it was so yum and i love all of their fresh ingredients. i get the chicken burrito with pinto beans, cilantro rice, sour cream, and medium salsa.

i just realized that i need to get a picture of mck and sadie before they leave!

here is my sweet sadie smiling. she's started smiling so much now, it's just adorable!

she has also decided now that she's 2 months old or maybe because of daylight savings (i'm not sure which), that 7:30 is no longer her bedtime. now it is 9:45 to 10:00 which really cuts down on mommy's sleeping time! it's like as soon as we get some sort of routine down, it changes! i guess that's what having a baby is about, huh?!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

all you need is love

on thursday afternoon braely came over to see sadie and visit with me. it was so nice to catch up and talk since we don't live in the same city anymore! and i'm so glad i got a picture of she and sadie because she got pictures of me with amelia and luke after they were born (those are her precious kids)
on friday, we had a girls' lunch at was so much fun!

i LOVE this picture of jennifer with sadie!

and saturday night was mom and les' 1st anniversary party! i can't believe they've already been married a year...we went to se cocina for dinner (the BEST mexican food restaurant!) then we all came back to our house for dessert and presents...

susanne and mckinlee (chris couldn't make it)

peggy and aaron

vicki and nathan

they got some great gifts for their new house. did i tell you they're building a house just down the street from us? (most convenient for babysitting ;)

the pink cupcakes were strawberry, the green were chocolate, and the orange were italian cream. so YUMMY!! and the fruit tray was delish too!

it was such fun weekend! tonight we're going to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather and grill ribs for dinner. and i'm determined to organize my closet too while susanne and mckinlee are here for spring break.
happy sunday!