Friday, March 26, 2010

{new loves}

here are a couple of things i'm really loving right now... this cute shirtdress from banana republic, BUT only if it was about 4 inches longer! what's up with all the mini skirts this spring?
and this skirt from anthro. i'm thinking of making it mine!

and here's sadie this morning with her "mommy's drama queen" shirt on. hehe!

enjoy the beautiful weekend!


  1. I love those pics of Sadie. So sweet! She is growing so fast!

  2. That skirt is really cute! And your little girls is so precious! Love her name!

  3. cute skirt---add a ruffle???

    Precious Sadie! So sweet!

  4. I'm also in love with that lace Anthro skirt! What a beauty! Speaking of...little Sadie's shirts crack me up..."Babe", "Drama Queen" so adorable!

  5. Love that skirt. Sadie cheeks are so cute! :)

  6. the skirt is beautiful! and so is sadie :) love the drama queen shirt!