Thursday, July 29, 2010

working hard is paying off!

i can't believe i'm actually posting pics of my belly again! ha ha!
even though these are a little embarrassing, i wanted to show you what i've accomplished in just a month! i started going back to the gym 4 weeks ago and i can really tell a difference-not so much with the number on the scale, but more definition and getting toned again...
before-side before-front



please tell me you can see some difference!! lie if you have to :) just kidding
i'm still not where i want to be but i'm going to keep working at it and hopefully by the time sadie's 9 months old, i'll see a lot of change. (i've heard the 9 months putting it on, 9 months getting it off thing. is that true?)
happy thursday!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i've got issues...

stomach issues that is.
did i ever tell you that i had a severe bacterial infection in my intestines that caused me to lose 15 pounds and feel like i was dying for 2 years? no? well i did.
thankfully i got it treated and felt great. then i got pregnant and felt even greater.
now, i don't feel so great. my stomach will be doing fine for a few days and then bam! it hits me and i feel awful. usually tummy upset and nausea. so i got another test done a couple of weeks ago because i just knew the bacteria had come back. but they said i was all clear. so why do i keep feeling bad? stress, eating habits, allergies? i don't know but it's a little frustrating. and lately i feel like i've been calling my mom every other day to come and help with sadie because i just don't feel good. which makes me feel guilty and starts the cycle of stress again...have you heard enough? okay well enough about that. (but it does get tiring)
on sunday, i was feeling good and we got to have a date night! we used a gift card we'd gotten to olive garden (thank you kali and tim ;) and had their yummy salad, split the parmesan polenta chicken (fantastic!) and got the dolcini which is 3 perfectly sized desserts. after eating we went to barnes and noble so mike could pick out a fantasy football magazine to start strategizing for this fall and i got caught up on my gossip magazine reading! ha!
here we are before our date...
and i just have to show you what this little stinker did today. i had her playing with toys on a blanket in the living room when she decided to scoot herself on her back all the way to wood floors and take the blanket that was underneath her and pull it through her legs to cover herself up!! and look at that little i gonna have my hands full or what?!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

what we've been up to...

wednesday we went to a baby shower at our office for a girl who is due next month! she's having a little girl named harper.
here are sadie and nana
what would i do without nana? she helps me SO much with sadie. and sadie loves her nana! i'm having a bad hair situation. i don't like the way my stylist cut my hair, then i got mom to cut me bangs the other day but they sort of just go to the side weirdly. any hair suggestions? note to self *don't wear that shirt again...makes me look really wide in the middle*
last night we had les, mom, and mamajeanne over for hamburgers. it was nice and relaxing and yummy! here are daddy and sadie chilling in the living room

sadie was so tired in these pictures, she looks a little dazed

after we took this picture, mamajeanne said "huh, i had a weird look on my face" :)
i showed her my blog post i wrote about my grandaddy, and she thought it was so sweet. my mom was balling after i read it, and mamajeanne said 'i just can hardly talk about him without getting sad' she misses him so much-we all do.

after we put sadie to bed, mike and i watched the edited version of the heartbreak kid on tbs. pretty funny! we all slept badly...i got up at least 10 times to potty (can we say bladder infection?!) and sadie cried out in her sleep a lot which woke me up each time. mike got up with her at 6 to eat then we all went back to sleep until 9! we never sleep that late anymore-so nice.
then i went in the ministry with mom and les while mike worked in the yard.
this afternoon i met with our photographer that will be doing pics of sadie and i and her 6 month pics. SO EXCITED! can't wait to see how they turn out! we're both wearing white summer dresses, then she has a bright outfit for her pics by herself.

we got logan's roadhouse for dinner and are relaxing at home tonight.
here we are taking a walk after dinner...

mom got one of those birthing balls (i don't know what their real name is) to help with her back pain and she got a really good dvd to use with it, so i'm going to do that tonight after sadie goes to sleep since i didn't make it to the gym today.
good night friends!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

angel baby

is this not the face of a perfectly perfect baby?? ha!
so you can imagine my surprise today at target when the check out lady (who i have never really liked-by the way) told me my baby was being so loud and it was because no one was talking to her!
i have problems with that on several levels...
  • 6 month olds babble, shriek, and grunt because they are finding their voice
  • i talk to her all day long every day
  • am i supposed to get all my bags and pay quickly so the next person can check out or do i stop and talk to my child and let the cashier woman wait for me to pay? (i probably would have gotten in trouble for that too)
  • even if you do have a problem with a parent or baby, don't verbalize it twice, loudly, so everyone else in the line can hear you

my dealings with this woman in the past lead me to believe that a) she's just not a very happy person or b) she doesn't know when to be quiet!

happy wednesday!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

six months

sadie isabella is 6 months old today!!
look at how much she's she was at 2 months and here she is today!

we went to see her doctor this morning, and she had a great check up. no shots today, we were waiting until monday to do them because we have a super busy weekend, and i didn't want her to feel bad all weekend.
here are a few things about sadie at 6 months:
  • she weighs 17.4 pounds-75th percentile
  • she's 27 1/2 inches long- 80th percentile
  • she's eating stage 2 food, plus she loves pickles and watermelon (such a good southern girl ;)
  • dr. n. said she is super mobile for her age-90th percentile
  • she can say "hey" and "hi"
  • she loves her toys but will play with a book forEVER
  • smiles every single time she wakes up from a nap or in the mornings
  • she can play peekaboo with her burpcloth

she is the most wonderful blessing mike and i have ever received and we love her SO MUCH!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

menu, sitting, and happy travels

i realized yesterday that i haven't posted my 'menu monday' in forever! i'm still cooking every week, just haven't written about it, so even though it's not monday, i'm still going to post my menu today!
monday-parmesan salmon patties, au gratin potatoes, green beans
tuesday- 50 cent wings at buffalo wild wings, salad
wednesday-salmon salad (susanne's recipe, yum!)
thursday-chicken madeira, asparagus
friday-grilled tilapia, sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini
saturday-eat out
sunday-ham, cheese, crackers, fruit
and here's my sweet sadie sitting (say that 10 times fast ;) and cheesing for mama

and she wants to wish mimi, zia, and uncle bruno a happy vacation to DISNEY WORLD!!! have a wonderful time!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

sweet naptime!

sadie has now been asleep for an hour and 15 minutes! this is the girly who sleeps great at night, but will not sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time during the day! so i've watched part of a movie, done a manicure, cleaned the kitchen and office, and even have time to blog ;)
i took this picture a few weeks ago-i just love it! we were trying out her new bath chair and she wasn't quite sure what to think about it. i think her little expression looks like 'oh mom...are you taking another picture of me?!' ha ha and this was she and i yesterday afternoon...
we had a busy weekend! the ministry saturday morning, our meeting on sunday, i trained at the gym, went on a listing appt., got sick at the appt. because i hadn't eaten enough before training, had to cancel our date night and got cheeseburgers instead, had friends over for wine and snacks and fruit salad, and i turned 29! i think that just about covers it!

happy monday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i can't believe

that my baby girl is sitting by herself!!
i've been letting her try to sit for a couple of weeks, but now she can do totally do it for more than 3 seconds! yesterday, she sat and played with a toy cute
aren't these tennis shoes cute? they were a baby shower gift but i've been on a bit of a shoe buying spree lately and have gotten her the most adorable shoes. at target i got cream mary janes and gold gladiators for her. and at payless i got some tiny pink converse and silver sandals. this little diva has way more clothes and shoes than me now :)
happy wednesday!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

pies and a workout

last tuesday my mamajeanne came over to teach me how to make a pie. i love cooking but sadly, am not a baker. but my mamajeanne makes the best pies ever!! mom is also a fantastic pie maker so we made a fun afternoon of it. here she is making the filling for a coconut pie and mckinlee was taste testing it ;)

here's the finished coconut was scrumptious! we also made a lemon icebox pie but gave it away-hope it tasted great too! and mom made a chocolate pie, and i know it was wonderful because i ate at least 2 slices of it.

miss sadie slept through most of the pie making but here she is with nana after we were done

and with mimi

and i just love this one of her in her jumperoo. she loves this thing and has really figured out how to bounce high in it!!

enough about we are right before my training session at the gym yesterday! ha!
i haven't told you that i'm training for a month with my friend kiersten who's a trainer. she is totally motivating me and works me hard (which i need) so we're hoping that after a month i'll be in a good workout routine and will keep it going on my own! i can hardly move my legs today and my abs are so sore from all the 'core' work that is necessary to get this mommy tummy gone! i'm off to do 90 crunches then read a good book before i go to bed...

ooh, i have to tell you about last night...i was exhausted after my workout, then making dinner, giving sadie a bath and putting her to bed, then playing a round of blokus with mom and i got into bed around 9 and fell asleep and slept until 8 this morning. it was heavenly!! and sadie slept almost 13 hours! so refreshing!
good night!