Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i've got issues...

stomach issues that is.
did i ever tell you that i had a severe bacterial infection in my intestines that caused me to lose 15 pounds and feel like i was dying for 2 years? no? well i did.
thankfully i got it treated and felt great. then i got pregnant and felt even greater.
now, i don't feel so great. my stomach will be doing fine for a few days and then bam! it hits me and i feel awful. usually tummy upset and nausea. so i got another test done a couple of weeks ago because i just knew the bacteria had come back. but they said i was all clear. so why do i keep feeling bad? stress, eating habits, allergies? i don't know but it's a little frustrating. and lately i feel like i've been calling my mom every other day to come and help with sadie because i just don't feel good. which makes me feel guilty and starts the cycle of stress again...have you heard enough? okay well enough about that. (but it does get tiring)
on sunday, i was feeling good and we got to have a date night! we used a gift card we'd gotten to olive garden (thank you kali and tim ;) and had their yummy salad, split the parmesan polenta chicken (fantastic!) and got the dolcini which is 3 perfectly sized desserts. after eating we went to barnes and noble so mike could pick out a fantasy football magazine to start strategizing for this fall and i got caught up on my gossip magazine reading! ha!
here we are before our date...
and i just have to show you what this little stinker did today. i had her playing with toys on a blanket in the living room when she decided to scoot herself on her back all the way to wood floors and take the blanket that was underneath her and pull it through her legs to cover herself up!! and look at that little face...am i gonna have my hands full or what?!


  1. You look great! Pms maybe? I have bad pms which makes me feel down and sick and not good at all. I'm glad it's not the bacteria. I hope you feel better and back to yourself real soon! :)

  2. S looks like such a grown up gal in that last pix! Presh! Hoping that you figure out your tummy problems...how absolutely NO FUN! Boo!

  3. i'm so sorry you can't get that figured out. maybe your only cure is to stay pregnant all the time! HA!
    glad you got to have a date night and sadie is hilarious!!

  4. Try not to stress! (coming from the most stressful example) Isn't Sadie a cutie? Get ready for lots of fun with her!