Wednesday, July 21, 2010

angel baby

is this not the face of a perfectly perfect baby?? ha!
so you can imagine my surprise today at target when the check out lady (who i have never really liked-by the way) told me my baby was being so loud and it was because no one was talking to her!
i have problems with that on several levels...
  • 6 month olds babble, shriek, and grunt because they are finding their voice
  • i talk to her all day long every day
  • am i supposed to get all my bags and pay quickly so the next person can check out or do i stop and talk to my child and let the cashier woman wait for me to pay? (i probably would have gotten in trouble for that too)
  • even if you do have a problem with a parent or baby, don't verbalize it twice, loudly, so everyone else in the line can hear you

my dealings with this woman in the past lead me to believe that a) she's just not a very happy person or b) she doesn't know when to be quiet!

happy wednesday!!


  1. You just have to remember that she is probably miserable that she has to work at Target. You are a great momma. Don't let her ignorance bother you. She should really keep her annoying comments to herself.
    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, how I LOVE unsolicited advice and comments!! Unbelieveable what people will actually say out loud. They simply have no filter. Sadie is doing exactly what she's supposed to do! You're doing a fab job no matter what that crazy woman says!!!

  3. Love the angelic pix! Ha! All I can say is that poor woman at the store....sad what people will just blurt out! I cannot imagine what she would say if I went thru...Henry is trying to climb out and the girls and I often sing little jingles to him...maybe a dance or two as well! Yes, I'm obviously over what others think! I do hope I have a decent voice and dance moves! Hee, hee!

  4. Just smile and move on!! Precious baby girl!