Sunday, July 4, 2010

pies and a workout

last tuesday my mamajeanne came over to teach me how to make a pie. i love cooking but sadly, am not a baker. but my mamajeanne makes the best pies ever!! mom is also a fantastic pie maker so we made a fun afternoon of it. here she is making the filling for a coconut pie and mckinlee was taste testing it ;)

here's the finished coconut was scrumptious! we also made a lemon icebox pie but gave it away-hope it tasted great too! and mom made a chocolate pie, and i know it was wonderful because i ate at least 2 slices of it.

miss sadie slept through most of the pie making but here she is with nana after we were done

and with mimi

and i just love this one of her in her jumperoo. she loves this thing and has really figured out how to bounce high in it!!

enough about we are right before my training session at the gym yesterday! ha!
i haven't told you that i'm training for a month with my friend kiersten who's a trainer. she is totally motivating me and works me hard (which i need) so we're hoping that after a month i'll be in a good workout routine and will keep it going on my own! i can hardly move my legs today and my abs are so sore from all the 'core' work that is necessary to get this mommy tummy gone! i'm off to do 90 crunches then read a good book before i go to bed...

ooh, i have to tell you about last night...i was exhausted after my workout, then making dinner, giving sadie a bath and putting her to bed, then playing a round of blokus with mom and i got into bed around 9 and fell asleep and slept until 8 this morning. it was heavenly!! and sadie slept almost 13 hours! so refreshing!
good night!


  1. Those are great pics of yall makin the pies, that is a memory you will always have. They are just sooo sweet..Mama Jeanne teachin grandkids to make pies.....priceless....

  2. What a fun & delicious time we had! Love all those colorful pictures! So proud of you for being dedicated to your workout routine!!

  3. my mouth is watering! i remember when mckinlee was a baby, vicki came over and taught me how to make her famous apple pie!
    love the one of sadie in the jumper!