Thursday, July 29, 2010

working hard is paying off!

i can't believe i'm actually posting pics of my belly again! ha ha!
even though these are a little embarrassing, i wanted to show you what i've accomplished in just a month! i started going back to the gym 4 weeks ago and i can really tell a difference-not so much with the number on the scale, but more definition and getting toned again...
before-side before-front



please tell me you can see some difference!! lie if you have to :) just kidding
i'm still not where i want to be but i'm going to keep working at it and hopefully by the time sadie's 9 months old, i'll see a lot of change. (i've heard the 9 months putting it on, 9 months getting it off thing. is that true?)
happy thursday!


  1. oh my goodness--i can tell a huge difference!! good for you for working so hard :)

  2. I'm so proud of you! Yes, it's very evident!

  3. I see the difference! You go girl!!!!

  4. I definitely see a difference! You look great! (You looked great before, too!)

  5. Yes! Great job! I know it's hard.

  6. Go girl! Looking great! You are just the motivation I need! If I can look like you, I'm set! I'm STILL holding weight from Henry (19 months)! Ugh!