Sunday, August 1, 2010

heat wa-a-a-a-ve

lordy it's hot here. and i love summer, but this is ridiculous. do you wanna know what our weather forecast is for the next week? 101 and sunny, 103 and sunny, 100 and sunny.....i'm ready for either a little cool front (ha!) or a pool in my backyard-neither of which is happening!
so friday is sadie and daddy lunch day and we went to chipotle. miss s loves to drink water out of mike's straw so here she is waiting with mouth ready and here she's is drinking it up. funny story about the little boy behind us...sadie was being super loud that day, shrieking with every bite of her lunch and after awhile, the little boy would turn around and say something that sounded like 'no,no'! i guess he's heard his mom say that to him!

we rarely leave home without 'bumbles' her bumblebee toy that she adores. love that sweet pic of daddy kissing her!

me and my girl
saturday afternoon we babyproofed the house. i was overwhelmed before we even started because our house is so not baby proof, and i thought it would take forever, but it really didn't. mike and i worked hard and got pretty much everything put away and locked that needed to be.

sadie loves being in her stroller, so this morning we strolled in the backyard a little bit. mostly in the shade under the fans! but she just loves being outdoors and looking at the plants and trees.
doesn't she look so big in this pic?

love her sparkly eyes

looking up at mama

and her new thing is examining her bouncer and trying to eat the straps. she is so close to crawling too! she gets one leg up but can't get the other one yet. soon i'm sure!

happy sunday!


  1. Oh my word! Those pic of her in the stoller are the cutest things ever!!! She is getting so big! I miss her! :)

    P.S. I wish we could just fast-forward thru August! UGH!!!

  2. Sadie is such a cutie! My daughter is 13mos and I wouldn't say we've babyproofed yet...a few locks on the cabinets, plug covers and yeah, that's about I'm always impressed when others are much more diligent doing so!

  3. Sweet girl knows how to smile for the camera! :) Goodness, I remember when we babyproofed our home about 7 years ago (yep, still have it for Henry). Right after we did it, we couldn't get things open, etc! One of us would hear the other laughing somewhere else in the house. It was quite funny b/c laughter meant that we couldn't figure out the babyproof drawer, etc!

  4. can you even believe the heat? you should see all of my plants...DEAD!
    sadie looks SO big--we can't wait to see her! (and her hair is getting so light!)
    i also like your new rug in the living room-very pretty.

  5. Just love to see her drink from a straw! She gets more adorable every day!!! Just want to kiss those cheeks!