Saturday, August 14, 2010

girlies day

whew...i'm a little behind on blogging! wednesday we had a girls much fun! i met mom, susanne, and mckinlee at justice where mck was getting some cute back to school stuff, then we headed over to panera's for lunch. i had their new oven roasted turkey artichoke panini. can i say yum?! of course i love anything that has artichokes in it! sadie bella did so good in the big girl high chair but man does she keep me busy these days. she is looking at/touching everything now, and is not content to just sit. mom and susanne. don't they look so much alike in this pic?
after panera's we went to a boutique where mom got susanne and i pandora bracelets!! they are so beautiful if you don't know what they are, google them. and she got us each a charm to start our collection. SO SWEET!!
and she got mck 2 new charms for her bracelet she got at disney world!

sadie with her zia and mimi. she loves them so much :)
and look at her little tongue sticking out! that's her new thing when she's happy

all of the girls!

we had such a fun time with them being here this's always sad when they leave. hopefully in the fall, we can go to plano more often to stay with them.

happy saturday!


  1. we had so much fun--we miss you all already!

  2. Hey nini! I'm on moms phone right now.Sadie is adorable ! I miss y'all so much! Love the short boots!:)love y'all lots .(Skye)