Tuesday, August 24, 2010

girl's breakfast/back to school cry session

i think that's what jennifer called it!! but i didn't see one tear from any of the moms with kids in school...they were all being brave. it made me think how soon sadie will being going to her first day of school, and how i'll being trying to hold back the tears as i leave my baby all day long.
anyway, we had a great time at cafe cappucino...i got my usual, ham and cheese omelet and choc. chip pancake. mmmmm!
here's miss sadie laughing with her gigi linda and mom

lisa and tonja

danna, me, and kami

it was too fun! we need to do that more often!


  1. what a fun time! the picture of sadie and jen is so cute and your breakfast looks YUM!

  2. It was a lot of fun!! And thankfully I didn't bawl my head of the whole time....I got that out of my system before i got there...ha ha! Cute pics!

  3. I love getting together with my girlfriends! Oh, I would have been the crying mess though! ;)