Thursday, August 5, 2010

neighborhood party

on tuesday night, our neighborhood had a party in our neighbor's driveway! it was really nice to get to meet all of our neighbors-we've had lots of new people move in over the last year. it was a barbecue and we were supposed to bring desserts or appetizers, so i made an angel food cake...well really i just bought it and spread cool whip and strawberries over it! easy and yummy miss sadie at the party

she and owen (who is 6 weeks older than her) it's neat to think that they'll go to school together in 4 1/2 years! i love both of their expressions in this one

and sadie with daddy. so sweet!

today was super busy...i worked, then went to the gym and worked out, and i had brought all my stuff to shower and change and go to my hair appt. except i forgot my bra!! good night, where has my mind gone? anyway i had to rush home and get a bra then rush back to get my hair done :) i got my hilights touched up and some lowlights added plus she shaped my hair up, so it turned out pretty good...i'll have to post a pic of it.
tommorrow is sadie's 6 month pics! hope it goes well and we have a SUPER busy weekend planned-so i'll be back sunday or monday to let you know how everything goes!


  1. Your neighborhood BBQ sounds like a great idea! And isn't it neat to meet children Sadie's age? We live in a small town and already know some of Henry's future classmates...who he will graduate H.S. with! Can't wait to see your hair! I'm ready to put some lowlights back into mine. I'm over my summer hair! funny that Mike knew DoOdLes! It's so nice to have blog friends!

  2. love the expression on sadie's face when she's in the stroller! can't wait to see the pictures--i bet they turn out beautiful!
    mckinlee says she loves you, sadie & mike so very much and can't wait to see you :)

  3. what cute expressions on sadie & owne's face!Be fun to show them these pics when they start school! love the pic of Sadie & Daddy....