Thursday, August 12, 2010

mayborn museum

on tuesday we went to the mayborn museum on the baylor university campus!
it's a gorgeous museum and has great stuff for kids too.
here we are at the beginning with ginormous tusks in the background...did you know our little town has the largest concentration of mammoths to die in one disaster? there's this whole excavation site and a really cool glass floored exhibit that you walk on and feel like you're going to fall through onto the mammoth bones. susanne and mckinlee in front of the whale head skeleton (that's not the technical term ;)

mck acting "scared"

ooh, and can i just say that i want to live with laura ingalls and ma and pa and even mary, although she was boring until she went blind, then i just felt sorry for her, in their little house on the prarie?! the museum has a little log cabin with an old bed and spinning wheel and a wooden baby crib inside. susanne and i just stood there for awhile talking about how great it would be to live in old times. (that is until she has a migraine and no excedrin or i have a stomachache and no heating pad! ha!)

totally real looking bison

mike and mck in front of the teepee. she's giving him feathers in case you were wondering.

susanne and i in front of our 'dream' house

sadie belle cheesing for daddy. she did great and loved the museum. her fav part? the aquarium...i think it reminded her of her baby einstein musical aquarium on her crib.

the museum has all these cool rooms for kids to explore. this was the transportation room!

the heart room...sadie and i were standing inside of a big heart and we could hear it beating. cool!

in the heart room was a cabinet full of old doctor a stethoscope, dr's bag, herbs, ipecac, and other instruments. whew, i'm rethinking the little house on the prairie thing...especially if the doc brought all this scary stuff when he came!

and finally my knight in shining armor next to the big knight in shining armor...was that cheesy enough for you? good.

speaking of the hubs, he's sick today with a bad summer cold. and he's not a good patient! he's has a sick puppy look on his face all day and has blown his nose a million times. poor thing...i think he's needs a hug.
good night!

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  1. wasn't that fun? even though we'd love to go back in time, frankly we probably wouldn't last 1 day in the 1800's. ha!