Thursday, August 26, 2010

thursday ramblings

i feel the need to ramble but i'm throwing in some sweet pics of sadie in case you get bored! (thanks to gigi for taking all of these pics)
i worked yesterday, like got up early, got dressed, wore heels, and went to work. that felt a little strange but good. gigi watched sadie for me and she had so much fun. anyway, we had our sales meeting that i haven't been to in 7 months and then a house tour where the realtors preview new listings for their buyers. we have a beautiful new listing and it was on the tour, so mom and i went and opened up the house for everyone to see. during the tour, i was beginning to get yet another head/neck ache-mom was going to her chiropractor after work, so i went with her and got a much needed adjustment. the dr. said it was my occipital lobe causing the problems. plus after delivering sadie, now i have problems with my sacroiliac (totally had to look up how to spell that.) he said when my pelvic bones shifted to deliver sadie, my right side hasn't shifted back properly, thus the constant low back and hip pain.
do i sound like an old lady yet? because some days i feel like one.
then today i completely splurged and got a massage. but it really was for medicinal purposes!
don't you love when you get free things? i do. today i got my free panties at victoria's secret and they are aqua with a houndstooth pattern. could it get any better? my fav color is aqua and i adore anything houndstooth. and i had a coupon at kohl's, so i got a precious vera wang skirt that had been $48 for $5!!

okay now a mommy question. at what point do cut down the amount of naps your baby takes? sadie has been taking 3 short naps everyday, but sometimes it's hard to get her to take the last one and i feel like i'm putting her down for naps i would prefer her to take a short morning nap and a longer afternoon nap which is what she did today, but i don't want to force it if she still wants 3 naps.

2nd mommy question...when did you start giving your baby some table food? did you wait until they had teeth? i'm not talking like eating what we eat, but just trying different stuff occasionally. i guess i'm afraid she'll choke or gag on table food right now. and she's going to eat baby food at least until she's a year old, but when should i introduce some foods?
these last 2 pics i just love. sadie is so happy if she can chew on a strap, in her stroller, in high chair, wherever...the girl loves straps!

and this one...i love that one little wisp of hair coming out of her hat and those pouty lips.

if you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a cookie! so go eat one for me ;)
happy thursday!


  1. Sadie & I had a great time!!! The pictures turned out so cute....she is so photogenic!!

  2. I think S looks like you in that last photo! Sounds like she had a lovely day!

  3. I run a daycare and have two kids...I start table food about 8-9 months and they have gag reflex for that reason, just in case. On naps around 6-8 months I start a short nap in the morning and a long afternoon nap and at age one I go to just one afternoon nap, unless they have been under the weather I let them nap more. hope this helps

  4. oh i love that last picture--you need to frame that one!