Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i think i'm tired!

we have had a very busy few days!
here is sadie belle in her new walker...she can walk backwards in it but not forwards yet. mike took a few days off of work so we started his vacation time with dessert and a movie. we ate red velvet cake and drank milk and watched confessions of a shopaholic. here's our attempt at a self-timer pic!
these next few pictures are out of order, but that's ok...susanne and mckinlee are in town and came over yesterday to watch sadie while mike and i went to austin for the day.
sadie did great and had so much fun with zia and mimi.

we stopped at la madeline's for lunch before shopping...here is our little tiramisu dessert. so yum!

mike got the crepe chicken something

and i got the chicken cordon bleu dinner. oh my goodness, it was so good!!!
we went to ikea and got a couple of pictures for the house, then we went to banana republic and kohl's and dsw. i got a really cute purple dress at kohl's. after that we went to the georgetown town square which was quaint and fun, but it was 102 degrees yesterday so our walking around was limited. we grabbed some mexican food and drove home. such a fun day.

these next pics were from saturday night. it was ray and sheri's 25th anniversary party...

sadie with sara

sadie with gigi

sadie with mimi

family shot

then sunday morning we left bright and early to go the the convention in belton (we have a bible convention every summer that we go to). anyway we're breaking up the 3 day convention and going 1 day at a time for the next 3 weeks, just to make it easier on sadie and us since it's an all day thing. she did really well on sunday, but i wore an uncomfortable dress and super high heels and didn't pack enough extra outfits for sadie. she kept spitting up all day because when she gets excited, she bounces up and down and it makes her spit up. we made it til mid afternoon, then came home and took a nap!
sunday night we went to double dave's pizza for the guys' fantasy football draft order pick (hope i got that right ;) sadie was so busy and active, i was exhausted by the end of sunday night. but she got to see her little friend, abigail, there. wish i'd gotten some pics of them!
and lastly, tonight we went to the photographer's studio to look at proofs from our session...take a look and let me know what you think! i really loved them!
www.brighammayfield.com then go to families & children, proofs, and type in ds1234 for the password.
tommorrow i'm joining the 'what i wore' wednesday at the pleated poppy...so i'll have lots more pics to post!


  1. Love your proofs! Beautiful!!! I live in Austin, actually Cedar Park. Isn't La Madeline fabulous!!!

  2. Wow...Does S. now a camera or what? Your proofs are FANTASTIC! Oh, I'm so jealous that you have a nearby Ikea! ~swoon~ Sounds like such a fun shopping trip!

  3. I love the pics of Sadie in the walker and the striped chair. So cute that she is sitting up now. what a big girl! And thank you Sadie for hiding my double chin with my necklace...ha ha!
    Proofs are beautiful....