Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what i wore

hi! i'm posting a few outfits for this week...we have had really cold, rainy days, and some beautiful spring days like today. linking up with the pleated poppy...

this was last thursday for work (i started working again just a couple days a week)

dress/tunic: old navy
scarf: a gift from my sister
leggings: loft
boots: target
(oh and in all of these pictures, i couldn't seem to get all my makeup on before taking the pic, oh well ;)
 this was yesterday for work
tshirt: downeast basics
tunic: spice-local boutique
jeans-seven at boutique
flats: payless
 today buying groceries
long and lean tank: target
striped shirt: target
yoga pants: old..maybe from some store in dallas?
sneakers: puma
 on miss sadie
zebra shirt: kohl's
leggings: target
converse: zappos

and not related to clothes, but i thought i would share my menu for the week, since i just bought groceries and my pantry is super organized!

tuesday-chicken caesar pasta and steamed broccoli
wednesday-tater tot casserole 
thursday-chicken piccata with artichokes, salad
friday- eat out
saturday- beef and bean burritos, avocado salad
sunday-roast, green beans, rolls
tuesday-southwestern beef and bean burger wraps, chips and dip

see ya!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

{the pantry}

i told you i was going to organize my pantry this week...well i had big plans to paint the walls a beautiful light aqua and order labels from here, but staying home with a sick sadie belle all week kind of changed my plans!

i haven't had a chance to go to the paint store to buy paint and i couldn't look at this mess any longer {see below}
so i decided to just go for it.  an organized, non painted pantry was what it was going to be.
of course i picked late afternoon when i need to be cooking dinner, sadie is fussy, i don't feel good and am in a bit of mood, to start organizing. ha!

so the pantry went from this...
 (sadie helping me organize. isn't her pony tail the cutest?!)
 to this...
 and this...
 and this... (it was so bad in our kitchen, i left a message on mike's cell to be prepared ;)
 to THIS!!!!!!!!
i still am going to order the cute labels from etsy for my flour, sugar, etc. but doesn't it look SO beautiful??!!

i used existing baskets and glass jars, and tried to organize the pantry for the way we really eat and live...so you can see the waffle mix and syrup with the waffle maker next to it. and the snacks on the bottom for easy access.  i also tried to put things up higher that i don't use every day, like my crockpots, blender, etc...
 the white basket holds all our tea and hot chocolate with my tea pitchers next to it, so when i need to make iced tea, i can grab the tea bags and a pitcher.
 i put my pasta and spaghetti sauce next to each other, so i can grab it for an easy spaghetti dinner.  and all the snacks, chips, cookies and things like that on the bottom shelf so they are easy to reach and as sadie gets older, she can just grab a snack herself.
painted or not, i am SO SO very happy with my newly organized pantry. i may or may not have stood in there several times yesterday just soaking in the organization!!

happy {almost} weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what i wore

hi! i decided to do what i wore wednesday this week...linked up with lindsey at the pleated poppy. go there for more fashion inspiration!

tank: lc for kohl's
cardi: anthropologie
skirt: downeast basics
tights and shoes: target
 and i just had to include sadie belle because she looked so cute!
dress and tights: baby gap
shoes: target
 striped top: gap
jeans: sevens from a boutique here (i wear them almost every day-gotta change things up!)
shoes: burlap TOMS
 top and cardi: old navy
belt: target?
jeans: same sevens
shoes: blowfish at dillard's
 my "taking my daughter to the doctor really fast because she has a high fever" outfit
tshirt: target
hoodie: kohl's?
jeans: same sevens
shoes: puma
so i wear the jeans way too much! i know! but i haven't been in much of a mood to accessorize or wear dressy stuff while just hanging out at home taking care of a sick baby girl...what do you wear when you're mostly at home?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

it's sunday night...and i'm tired

hi! i hope you had a good weekend...we went to a home products show yesterday afternoon and then ate cheeseburgers at 5 guys. yum!  but today...today i woke up with a sore throat and just started the day feeling tired. we made it to our meeting a little late (it starts at 10) and by the time it was over at 11:45, sadie was completely wound up, kicking her boots off and hitting people in the congregation.  i know it is so hard for a 2 year old to be still and quiet for an hour and a half, but she wears me out...the whole time i'm trying to keep her quiet, keep my patience, and listen to what's being said (and receive spiritual encouragement!)  i keep thinking that in another year or so, it will get easier!

so needless to say, i was NOT in a great mood this afternoon. after naps for sadie and i, i started some laundry, painted pictures in her playroom, and watched some of lady and the tramp...then we all 3 cooked and made fajitas which was fun...here's sadie and daddy in their aprons
and sadie and i in our aprons (don't i look tired??)
my mom brought over a sweet gift of candles that we lit and enjoyed during dinner!
and let me just tell you in case you haven't tried it, metromint orange mint water is SO good! no calories, no sugar, no nothing but so refreshing and yummy. go buy yourself some this week :)
and lastly, i am in organizing mode again! last week, i moved all of my scrapbook stuff that had been in the playroom closet into our mudroom that has a built in with drawers and cubbies...i am so inspired and excited to get creative again...
this week i am redoing our pantry that looks like this:
and hopfully making it look like this!! (via pinterest)
except the walls will be aqua...but i'm really hoping to utilize all of my glass containers and baskets to make it look cute and functional! so excited!

have a great week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

2 year check up

(i'm mainly writing this post for me, so i can remember how big she was)
today we finally went to sadie's 2 year check up at the doctor...i was sick when she turned two, so we're a month late getting to the doctor.  she did great! she loves her doctor and was asking if she could check his ears with his special expensive light thing (technical term ;) so he let her and then she climbed right up in his lap and talked to him for quite awhile!

-sadie weighs 34 pounds and is 37 inches tall! dr. n. said at this rate, she'll be 5'10"!

i had deferred a couple of shots, so she had to get her MMR and Hep A shots, but was so brave.  The shot in the arm she just looked at, didn't even cry, but the shot in the leg must have stung because she cried for a couple of minutes and said "i'm so sad."  daddy surprised her with a green apple lollipop, so that made everything better!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

our weekend!

hi there! we've had a fun and busy weekend! first, here's a cute picture of sadie while she was walking and talking the other day (it's hard to get one of her standing still ;)
 friday we met kami and parker and jennifer and logan for lunch at chuy's...all the kids were great and we had such a fun lunch
 parker and logan checking each other out
 and a cute one of the 6 of us, but what really cracks me up are the two people behind us...every time i look at this picture, it makes me smile!
 yesterday afternoon, mom took some family pictures of us in the backyard. i'm having a hard time deciding on which one is my favorite...could you help me?
option #1
 option #2
 besides the fact that it was freezing outside, sadie was NOT in the mood for pictures and would hardly smile at all! but she was interested in the shells and lanterns on the outdoor fireplace!
 and tonight we had a few couples over for a superbowl party...just the right amount of people and so much fun!

 the food of course was delish, we had chicken tortellini soup and veggie beef soup for the main course, along with buffalo chicken dip, mini zucchini pizzas, homemade salsa and chips, cheeses and crackers, snickerdoodles and strawberry angel food trifle! oh and skinny strawberry margaritas! yum.
 miss s was more into coloring and watching aristocats than the football game, which was just fine with me...although i did get really into it in the 4th quarter. a good and close game!!
have a great week!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

she's growing up

wow! it seems like 2 is such a turning point! no longer a baby, and already doing big girl things...

*like wearing mama's high heels 

 *insisting that her nails be painted pink before going to the grocery store yesterday
*wanting so badly to lay in her "big girl bed" but still loving the security of her crib--yeah last night was interesting--we put the toddler bed together, she was so excited, but ended up not sleeping in it..but that's okay, we're not pushing it right now and honestly i like the containment of the crib ;)

*and loving wearing her princess belle dress for the first time!
i love this series of pictures-first she's checking out the dress, then excitement, then of course she has to twirl in it, because that's what you do while wearing a princess dress!

hope you are having a great wednesday! it's 77 degrees here and perfect sunny skies!