Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what i wore

hi! i decided to do what i wore wednesday this week...linked up with lindsey at the pleated poppy. go there for more fashion inspiration!

tank: lc for kohl's
cardi: anthropologie
skirt: downeast basics
tights and shoes: target
 and i just had to include sadie belle because she looked so cute!
dress and tights: baby gap
shoes: target
 striped top: gap
jeans: sevens from a boutique here (i wear them almost every day-gotta change things up!)
shoes: burlap TOMS
 top and cardi: old navy
belt: target?
jeans: same sevens
shoes: blowfish at dillard's
 my "taking my daughter to the doctor really fast because she has a high fever" outfit
tshirt: target
hoodie: kohl's?
jeans: same sevens
shoes: puma
so i wear the jeans way too much! i know! but i haven't been in much of a mood to accessorize or wear dressy stuff while just hanging out at home taking care of a sick baby girl...what do you wear when you're mostly at home?


  1. well, you certainly one upped me when taking a sick baby to the doctor! i usually roll in my yoga pants, tank and a hoodie. I just hate to wear jeans if i am going to mostly be home. i do love them though, just not at home. i say get your money's worth out of those designer jeans! they are cute! love miss sadie's adorable outfit too!

    1. thanks girl! but i wear my fair share of yoga pants too ;)

    2. this is so weird...i can't comment on your blog. when i get to the end, there is no box to comment in. i guess the only thing i can do is reply.
      anyway, LOVED that first outfit--so pretty! also the belted orange/gray outfit. i say if you have something cute that fits good and you like, wear it everyday! you know my favorite thing in the world is workout clothes or pajama pants. so if i'm home, i usually have one of those on! :)
      (the workout clothes are good, because if someone should happen to stop by, they will think you've been working out! as opposed to the pj pants where everyone knows you're just being comfy and lazy :)

    3. that's weird about the commenting?! yes i LOVE that pair of jeans so i will continue to wear them...but i really do need some new yoga pants that are long enough. mine always seem to shrink!

  2. Love the orange blouse belted & jeans. Becoming! Dress isn't much of a concern when your baby is sick! Sadie looked cute with her little pigtails! Love, Mom

  3. pretty skirt love the color combination of the whole outfit!