Sunday, February 12, 2012

it's sunday night...and i'm tired

hi! i hope you had a good weekend...we went to a home products show yesterday afternoon and then ate cheeseburgers at 5 guys. yum!  but i woke up with a sore throat and just started the day feeling tired. we made it to our meeting a little late (it starts at 10) and by the time it was over at 11:45, sadie was completely wound up, kicking her boots off and hitting people in the congregation.  i know it is so hard for a 2 year old to be still and quiet for an hour and a half, but she wears me out...the whole time i'm trying to keep her quiet, keep my patience, and listen to what's being said (and receive spiritual encouragement!)  i keep thinking that in another year or so, it will get easier!

so needless to say, i was NOT in a great mood this afternoon. after naps for sadie and i, i started some laundry, painted pictures in her playroom, and watched some of lady and the tramp...then we all 3 cooked and made fajitas which was's sadie and daddy in their aprons
and sadie and i in our aprons (don't i look tired??)
my mom brought over a sweet gift of candles that we lit and enjoyed during dinner!
and let me just tell you in case you haven't tried it, metromint orange mint water is SO good! no calories, no sugar, no nothing but so refreshing and yummy. go buy yourself some this week :)
and lastly, i am in organizing mode again! last week, i moved all of my scrapbook stuff that had been in the playroom closet into our mudroom that has a built in with drawers and cubbies...i am so inspired and excited to get creative again...
this week i am redoing our pantry that looks like this:
and hopfully making it look like this!! (via pinterest)
except the walls will be aqua...but i'm really hoping to utilize all of my glass containers and baskets to make it look cute and functional! so excited!

have a great week!


  1. sorry you had such a rough day! i remember those. it WILL get better. love your pretty candles and i've had that water. isn't it refreshing? can't wait to see your re-designed pantry. that's next on my list too!

    1. thank you for your sweet comment! that's what i keep telling myself-it will get better ;)

  2. Where did you find your yummy water??

    1. maggie, i got the water at HEB! delicious!

  3. Girlfriend do i ever hear you on being tired! Argh, motherhood is just SO exhausting sometimes! I'm beat. I go to bed tired and they wake me up at 6am (still tired)!

    I can not wait to see your pantry redo!!! Aqua on the walls? How fun is that! I recently finally got my pantry the way I want and it is so nice. Good luck!

    And to answer your hair q- have you ever tried the Body Full shampoo and conditioner by Redken? They come in green bottles. I think those might really help and give ya a lot of volume. Right now I am also loving the DermOrganics shampoo and conditioning masque. That one is sulfate free and doesn't really lather a ton, but it's a good one. I also love the volumizing by pureology, but they are a bit pricier than Redken. I'd try Redken first if I was you. Hope that helps!

  4. It will get better--I promise! Just keep thinking about the positive and remember if little people acted like adults-- there wouldn't be a need for childhood! (I'm sure that thought helps!)

    Love your organized mud/craft room. Can't wait to see your pantry progress.

  5. Trust me it gets easier ( the twos) are fun, rewarding, frustrating and tough at times! And create some of the best memories too!,,, Can't wait for your pantry project to unfold...know it will look fantastic!