Sunday, June 28, 2009

ten weeks

i'm 10 weeks today. that means i'm 1/4 of the way there!! mike got me these beautiful roses last week and they bloomed so pretty i just had to share!
hope you had a great weekend...we're off to a surprise anniversary party!

Friday, June 26, 2009

{new loves}

these are not my toes!

hi girls! i treated myself to a mani/pedi this morning. can i just tell you how fabulous it was?! she spent so much time on me and gave me a great massage...which is my favorite part!

after that, i met mike for lunch at buffalo wild wings, and it was so good. i got the boneless parmesan garlic wings....ooooh yum! and tonight we're meeting tim and kali at taco casa and then going to see transformers. it should be a great night!

so i've changed the look of the blog. tell me what you think, honestly! i wanted something a little more classic looking, but if you're not digging it, let me know.

okay...on to friday loves... since i've been spending more time at home (school's out for the summer and i've been baby nauseous most days) i've starting reading some cool new blogs. so i thought this week, instead of clothes, shoes, or jewelry, i would link to a few blogs that entertain me...

1. this is a cute hairdresser...i like her style!

2. i want to live in her beach cottage in australia

3. a southern diva with an adorable new baby girl

4. simple ideas and good family menu plans

5. love her clothing style...she gives daily updates of what she's worn that day


show us where you live...master bedroom

it's friday again and that means it's show us where you live at kelly's korner!

i wanted our master bedroom to feel calm and serene, so i picked this gray/green color for the walls. it reminds of the inside of restoration hardware... we have french doors leading out onto a patio and this is the view from the doors looking in. i had the armoire made for me to hold all my pajamas, undies, shorts, swimsuits, etc. i don't really like traditional dressers and mike has his dresser in our closet, so this worked perfectly. i love the antique knobs on the armoire. and it's hard to tell but it's painted an aqua color with cream over that and then distressed so you can see some of the aqua coming through.
this is our wall of pictures. my sister suggested i do black and white pics of us on different i've got pictures of us in hawaii, napa, new mexico, las vegas, and carmel/monterey hanging up. i like it because we can look at the pics and remember our fun vacations!
here's the view from the bed looking towards the opposite wall. i hope to someday fill the wall with pictures of years of vacations. the vase and branches came from them and so inexpensive!

and this is our sleeping side of the room. the bed we got at pottery barn as well as the cream comforter. i had the euro pillows and smaller pillows made my bella notte linens...if you are needing new bedding or baby bedding, check them out. i love their fabrics and they get better with age and washing! the bedside tables are actually end tables from a local furniture store...the lamps and starburst mirror over the bed are from target.

hope you enjoyed! happy friday!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

baby names

i just read sarah jessica and matthew's surrogate had their twin girls. since baby names are definitely on my mind right now, i found the names they picked a little strange. i'm all about names that are unique and not like everyone else...but marion loretta elwell and tabitha hodge?! they sound like they should already be 70 years old...sorry, i just don't get those names.

we have talked about baby names for literally years...some of my favorites for girls were berkley, hadley, harper, ava, grayson, and marin and for boys carson, cole, finn, and landon. the names we've chosen (as of right now, cause you know it could change) are
sadie grey
hudson crew
naming a baby is a hard thing to do...we want a name that's fun, not too traditional, and one that they will like. although when i was little, i did not want to be danielle elise...i wanted to be named ashley or lindsay! and my niece wanted her name to be madeline, not mckinlee (which is funny because that's what susanne was originally going to name her) and i was just talking to a lady at a jewelry store who said her little girl's name is isabella (love it) and she does not like her name at all! so i don't know if it's possible to pick a name that your child will love for sure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

san antonio weekend

we're taking a weekend trip here in july... any ideas of where to stay and what to do?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

{new loves}

went to see star trek tonight.(mike really wanted to see it) so random for me to like it but it was really good! saw this blouse at forever 21 today. so cute!

and i LOVE a white purse for summer. it's so crisp and clean. and you can never go wrong with coach.

happy friday!!

show us where you live...laundry rooms

i'm posting for a weekly room tour at kelly's korner...i missed last week and wanted to post my master bath along with my laundry room. our bedroom and bath are the most calming rooms in our me! i think the color calms me-it's similar to the inside of restoration hardware stores. i had our cabinet builder make the vanities after showing him pics of the ones i liked at pottery barn. he did an awesome job! also, he made the armoire to hold towels, linens, hair products, and lots of other stuff. a view to the shower and bathtub

a close up of my the mirrors at target. light fixtures at pottery barn. the basket under the sink holds my hair dryer and chi iron.

i have wanted a clawfoot tub for years...i LOVE taking baths! so i finally got one with this house and enjoy soaking in it all the time. and it's just the right size for me. on to this week...this is my laundry room...the only really 'girlie' room in my house. you can't tell in the pictures, but the wall color is hot pink and adorable! i figured i'm in this room a lot and i should be cheerful while i'm in here, so what better color to make me happy than pink?!

i got this wall decal from target online. love chandeliers! here's the washer/dryer side of the laundry room. i had the open cabinets made with adjustable shelves for my baskets, detergent, etc.

this info board hangs on the opposite side of the room. my sister (who always wins fun stuff on blogs) won this and gave it to me to make. it's a heidi swapp canvas kit. so cute for hanging invitations to upcoming events and pictures. i rubbed-on a favorite quote on the little mirror that says, "the best way to prepare for life is to begin to live."

this is the sink and drying area side of the laundry room. my flower market sign came from spice-my favorite home store. and the old window came from one of my other favorite stores, magnolia...sadly it isn't open anymore, but she had the cutest vintage-y stuff! the flowers and flower pots was a housewarming gift from them!

another angle from this side of the closet holds all my cleaning supplies. got the silver vintage hook from anthropologie, i think, a long time ago. it's perfect for hanging my towels on.

hope you enjoyed!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tuesday thoughts...

i love this candle. it's mango, i think from tommy bahama's. i've talked about this before, how smells have such an effect on me. like today...i've had a headache and have been hungry which after a whole day of it, i was leaning towards being in a very bad mood. but i decided to light my satsuma fragrance oil from the body shop and the refreshing smell of orange made me so happy. i also refilled my sugar and splenda container on our coffee bar and cleaned my kitchen countertops. doing those few things got me inspired.
i decided to prepare all my food for tonight's dinner and to start cooking it early because i know i'll be starving by 5:30 (hehe!) i was even inspired to start a new scrapbook layout that's been sitting in my scrapbook room for weeks. and i'm going to start my memory pregnancy book (got the CUTEST papers and mini album at crop-paper-scissors this weekend)
speaking of pregnancy...we went to our first official ob appt. yesterday. our little raspberry is doing fine. heartbeat was 182 per minute and everything looks great! mike got to see the baby for the first time, so it was really awesome. i am thankful in prayer every day of my life for this little baby!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

covered dish...

is a covered dish party just a southern thing? i have grown up going to covered dish parties...where everyone brings a veggie or meat or dessert and you combine them all for dinner. is it called something else in other states? just wondering...anyway, we went to a covered dish party this saturday to welcome mom and les back to texas. it was at my aunt and uncle's gorgeous home on the river (where mike and i got married) and they had t-ball for the kids, fishing off the dock, and music (they have a country band). it was so much fun, just really hot!

but this first pic was of nana and mckinlee at the pool on thursday. mckinlee came to stay with the grandmas this week and i got to do some fun stuff with them too! we went to the children's museum and to get her nails painted on friday. here's pics of the party saturday...

and here is my 8 week picture. is it just me or is my belly getting huge?! actually, i know it's not just me, because everybody that sees me says 'are you sure you're not further along?'

Friday, June 12, 2009

{new loves}

these cute wedge flip flops with interchangeable bows this cute clutch
and this clutch too!

all from etsy!

and these two songs! the first two on the video...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i LOVE summer! it's my favorite season of the year. i love going to the pool, barbecues, breezy nights, pretty flowers, everything! the other night we went to mom and les' house for dinner. their backyard is so pretty right now...i thought this little pot with flowers in it looked so sweet!and they planted new herbs...

in my lucky magazine i got yesterday, i found two products that i want to start using. the first are these eye makeup remover pads. the girl's story about these was hilarious. if you have the magazine, it's on pg. 88. it sounded just like me...trying to wipe off my eye makeup on my white washcloths and getting them all dirty. then having raccoon circles of black under my eyes where it didn't come off. so i'll let you know how these work!

and the second is this gel oil from johnson's. it's supposed to be "nourishing with a light and fresh scent" and not sticky and gross like most oils. and it's under $5!

Monday, June 8, 2009

assembly pics and 7 weeks

friday night we went to susanne and chris' house to stay with them over the weekend while we had our 2 day assembly in denton. i ended up going 1/2 a day each day; i've been really tired and didn't want to overdo it. the program was wonderful...the theme was 'conquer the evil with the good' and we had such good speakers and experiences...something our circuit overseer said in one of his talks really made me think...he was talking about raising our children and encouraging them to go in the ministry and be zealous. he said many parents will say 'well i don't want to push my child' and then he said 'parents, if you don't encourage and direct your kids, the world will push them to do bad.' i just thought how true...i'm thinking about stuff like this a lot more, now that we will have a little one to raise! phil, bethenie, and olivia. phil had a talk and did great!
mike and cady
mom and les

mike and i

and me at 7 weeks!

Friday, June 5, 2009

{new loves}

i love these breezy scarves for summer...

cute tank with crochet detailing and love the purple maternity dress!
all from old navy!
happy friday

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oooh baby!

this was my 6 weeks picture...already bigger than last week!!
on friday, my aunt peggy brought me the sweetest gift. an adorable clutch and some fun beaded black bracelets! it meant so much to me...thank you peggy!

this pretty bouquet was sent to us from mike's old boss in the woodlands, james. so springy looking and smells so yum!

and my sweet sweet husband brought me these home on friday. they are gorgeous!! and he knows how much i like this floral designer. thanks honey!!!

and here's our baby's first picture. i went today and could see it's little heartbeat. the most beautiful miracle ever! the doctor said it was hard to get a pic because our baby is camera child, camera shy?!

Monday, June 1, 2009

the weekend

don't you love those weekends where you don't have a lot planned?! friday night, mike brought me gorgeous flowers and hot wings...what a great combo!! he mowed the backyard and we watched tv.
saturday, mike went fishing and kali and i went to target and layed out by the pool. then saturday night, we met jason, jen, and jackson for dinner at logan's and had brownies and ice cream at their house afterward. we watched mall cop-we saw it at the theater, but it was even hilarious the second time around!
sunday, after the meeting and lunch, i took a wonderful nap and then mike and i went to wal-mart for a new vacuum and heb for groceries. we ate leftovers and watched a movie. so nice and relaxing!

today, i ran errands this morning and felt sick all afternoon. then magically, about 10 minutes ago, i felt better. weird how this "morning sickness" thing works! i just ordered the cutest earrings at darlybird to reward myself for feeling so sick (no really that's just an excuse...i really just wanted the earrings;)

here's a pic of them

happy monday!