Monday, June 1, 2009

the weekend

don't you love those weekends where you don't have a lot planned?! friday night, mike brought me gorgeous flowers and hot wings...what a great combo!! he mowed the backyard and we watched tv.
saturday, mike went fishing and kali and i went to target and layed out by the pool. then saturday night, we met jason, jen, and jackson for dinner at logan's and had brownies and ice cream at their house afterward. we watched mall cop-we saw it at the theater, but it was even hilarious the second time around!
sunday, after the meeting and lunch, i took a wonderful nap and then mike and i went to wal-mart for a new vacuum and heb for groceries. we ate leftovers and watched a movie. so nice and relaxing!

today, i ran errands this morning and felt sick all afternoon. then magically, about 10 minutes ago, i felt better. weird how this "morning sickness" thing works! i just ordered the cutest earrings at darlybird to reward myself for feeling so sick (no really that's just an excuse...i really just wanted the earrings;)

here's a pic of them

happy monday!

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  1. sounds like my kind of weekend...sorry you're feeling so bad. i'm sure the earrings will perk you up!