Monday, June 8, 2009

assembly pics and 7 weeks

friday night we went to susanne and chris' house to stay with them over the weekend while we had our 2 day assembly in denton. i ended up going 1/2 a day each day; i've been really tired and didn't want to overdo it. the program was wonderful...the theme was 'conquer the evil with the good' and we had such good speakers and experiences...something our circuit overseer said in one of his talks really made me think...he was talking about raising our children and encouraging them to go in the ministry and be zealous. he said many parents will say 'well i don't want to push my child' and then he said 'parents, if you don't encourage and direct your kids, the world will push them to do bad.' i just thought how true...i'm thinking about stuff like this a lot more, now that we will have a little one to raise! phil, bethenie, and olivia. phil had a talk and did great!
mike and cady
mom and les

mike and i

and me at 7 weeks!


  1. great pictures! you are going to be the cutest pregnant person!

  2. I can't believe how much your stomach has grown in just one week! Cute