Friday, October 26, 2012

10 years

Happy 10th anniversary to the best husband! I love you!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

randoms, a visit from family, and the park

hi! another week has gone by! last weekend mike's sister and her husband came to stay with us, so sadie was SO excited auntie lindsey and uncle bran bran were here! we had so much fun with them.

don't sadie and linsey favor each other?
 before they left on sunday
 sadie showing the love ;)
 we went to the park one afternoon this week and the weather was just perfect...not too hot or breezy...great for sliding and swinging.

what else? oh we also went to the our local zoo for the first "brew at the zoo" where they had different beers from all over that you could sample, food, and a band. it was pretty fun! looking forward to "grapes with the apes" in the spring!

friday mike and i went to austin for the day to shop and go to a spa and eat of was one of our favorite days we've had together in a long time! we just enjoyed being together, uninterrupted, for a whole day. it's amazing how you take that for granted before kids! but in the afternoon, we were already missing our sweet sadie, and made it home to tuck her in bed that night!

don't know if it's allergies or a relapse of bronchitis but i'm feeling crummy again today. boo.

on a brighter note, this week is hair color week! thinking i'll be blond again by thursday. i'll take pics and show you!

happy new week!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

family pics 2012

we just got our family pictures back, and i'm SO happy with them!!
carrie devening did them for us...she was great and captured so many fun poses it was hard to pick our favorites!

i'm planning on doing a gallery wall in our bedroom inspired by this post...i'll let you know how it turns out.

Monday, October 1, 2012

random monday

hi! did you have a good weekend? i spent mine in bed with a lymph node infection :( it was horrible, but today i'm feeling a bunch better!

okay here are a few random things for you on this gorgeous fall monday, and the first day of october (my favorite month!!!)

i finally found the bar stools i want at target!! kind of a seagrass looking chair and black legs...just perfect for my house! now i just need to save up to get them.

and two weeks ago, my mom had a pool party for mckinlee and a couple of her friends.  mom had it fixed up so cute with snacks and balloons on their outdoor patio.

 then each girl had a make up station inside with mirrors, q tips, tissues, and a gift card to beauty brands
 a close up..such a neat idea
 i made strawberry cupcakes with the easiest homemade buttercream frosting. yum! mom had pizza, chips, and veggies too!
 mom and susanne and i had fun just getting to spend some time together and to take pics of course

 mike brought sadie over at dinner time and the girls were so sweet to let her be a part of their party...she played blokus with them and put on make up like SHE was 13!

every morning sadie loves to come and get in bed with us to watch cartoons...i love it! and this particular morning, baby sophie had to join the party!
 my fall mantle is ready...i really didn't change a bunch, just added the little sparkly pumpkin on top of the candle holder and the white pumpkin on top of the books
 in our foyer, i put the orange pumpkins in my cages (have no idea what those are called ;) and got out a fall candle that sits on a leaf...just a few little changes make it feel like fall.  oh and i am always burning one of my favorite fall candles- the 'leaves' candle from b&b works. my absolute favorite fall candle of all time is at williams sonoma, spiced chesnut!! if you live anywhere near a williams sonoma store, RUN there and get it. you will not be disappointed!

as sadie belle gets closer to 3, i can see her changing SO much.  she still has her toddler moments, but she is my little buddy, and we have so much fun together.  i think she loves to eat lunch out as much as i do, and this day we were at panda express!
sadie is all about her asian food-yesterday, she was not too happy when they picked up rosa's mexican food for us to eat, she said she wanted to go to the place with the chopsticks (pei wei ;)
 this was the cutest thing...last sunday after our meeting, sadie and jayden went back into the library and played meeting...i guess jayden was giving a talk and sadie was listening very intently. so cute!!

i am SO thrilled it's actually feeling like fall here!
what a busy and fun month we're going to have...the big 10th anniversary coming up! we have plans for a little getaway that i'm super excited about.
happy monday!