Monday, November 29, 2010

real estate and menu monday

my mom and i are a real estate team. i've been a realtor for 6 years now and my mom for 18 i think. growing up i hated real estate because she would take me to show houses with her or have to work on holidays/days off. so it's pretty ironic that i became a realtor. some days i still waffle between enjoying it and hating it. ha! in fact, i seriously thought about just giving it up in 2011 and being a complete stay at home mom. but i determined that i like to work. i like the sense of accomplishment in having my job and making my own money (even though mike and i share all of what we make), i like putting on dress clothes sometimes instead of yoga pants and t shirts, and even though being a mommy is my first priority, i like having a working identity-does that make sense?

now i'm just rambling! but mom and i ordered our new business cards for the coming year and cute calendar magnets too with our new picture. and now i'm not blond anymore. oh well!

speaking of calendars, i'm in love with calendars, appointment books, schedulers, anything like that. i get giddy just thinking about what planner i'm going to get for next year! do you do that too?
and moving on with my random post, here is a funny picture from last week with the girls in our family. looks like trouble huh?!
now for my menu for the week:
monday-salmon cakes, mashed potates, peas
tuesday-chicken rotini soup, ham and grilled cheese sandwiches
wednesday-tilapia, sweet potatoes, caesar salad
thursday-spagetti and green beans
friday-chicken,broccoli & rice bake
and we'll be out of town for the weekend, so we'll eat out!
happy monday :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

why is sadie so happy?

because she took her FIRST STEPS this week!!
way to go, sadie!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what i wore wednesday

happy wednesday! it's been a great week so far...mike has been off work the whole and my sis and niece are in town, so fun!
here are pics of what i wore over the last week...
leggings-f 21
necklace-spice boutique
short necklace-planet jill
long necklace-f 21 ?

shirt/dress-old navy
leggings-from my mom

bracelets-spice ?

shirt/tunic-LC for kohl's
skinnies-LC for kohl's
check out other great ideas at the pleated poppy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

menu monday

sadie belle in the kitchen
and here is my menu for this week:
chicken stir fry
beef veggie soup with biscuits
burgers with mushrooms and avocados
pancakes, bacon, eggs
crispy tacos and beans
salmon cakes, peas, mashed potatoes
chicken, artichoke, lemon, and spinach pasta
happy monday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

back to my roots

this has been a long, rough week. sadie got sick for the first time on tuesday. she started running a fever and by the time we got to the doctor, it was 104. i freaked! and she was so pitiful and felt so bad. so after 2 horrible nights of fever, a crying baby, and hardly any sleep, she is feeling much better today!!
so here is the picture for her 10 month old post! poor thing!
here are a few things about sadie at 10 months:
  • she weighs 22.4 pounds
  • she wears 12 month clothes but is getting too big for them
  • she eats baby food and any food we give her. she loves graham crackers especially!
  • she waves hi and bye
  • she says mama, dada, nana, byebye, and puppy
  • she has the cutest personality and is so loving and she loves giving kisses to her toys and family
  • she is 'cruising' around all the furniture and trying to stand up on her own
and yesterday i got my hair done! i decided to keep it long-er, nothing too different except some added layers on the cut.
here's the before...

and the after!!
i went dark! this is my natural hair color with a few lowlights added in. it's going to be way less maintenance and to be honest i'm over the hilights thing. had them for a long time.

what do you think?
happy friday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

show us your life-bathrooms and a fun lunch

today is show us your life {bathrooms} at kelly's korner!
here are some pics of our master bath...
my side of the bathroom
-got the mirrors at target
-lighting at pottery barn
-and these consoles our amazing cabinet man did. they are exactly like the ones i wanted at pb but way less expensive
the shower and my bathtub
-the floors are travertine
-the wall color is sherwin williams comfort gray

both of our vanities and the storage armoire

-the armoire holds towels, linens, and toiletries
-that first big drawer holds all my hair products-i'm a hair product addict :)

my little bathtub that fits just me (mike doesn't take baths-only showers)

and not related to our bathroom...
we had some good friends come to see us this week and have lunch. they hadn't seen sadie in person, so it was a fun lunch! and she loved them!

here's christy and sadie

the 3 of us

and mike and cory and sadie

have a great friday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what i wore wednesday

hi!! thank you all for your sweet comments last week. i've decided what to do with my hair....but my appt. is not until next week so you have to wait and find out then (i know the anticipation is killing you right?!)

another wednesday and another linky party at the pleated poppy and jewelscapes.

here's what i wore this week.

black dress-target

zebra in naples

black tights-marshall's



bracelet-michele busch

green sweater-anthro


leggings-f 21



yoga pants-kohl's ?










flower pin-made by my sis



top and necklace-f 21

jeans and shoes-target

thanks for stopping by and have a great wednesday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

lost pines

first, a cute pic of sadie in her zebra outfit!! so last friday, mike and i left for bastrop, texas to stay at the hyatt lost pines.
here's our family pic right before we left.

after a short drive (like an hour and a half),we were there!! my kind of trip-no airports or looooong car rides!
here's the entrance to the resort. you drive down this winding 3 mile road and end up in the most beautiful setting ever.

our room
everything was very woodsy and vintage-y, and of course i loved it

view from our room onto a courtyard

view in the other direction...that's a restaurant that looks like a huge log cabin

next to the lobby, there was this "general store" with vintage table and chairs

and candy bins
(along with some starbucks coffee and plenty of snacks)

every day they had fun activites to do...the afternoon we got there, it was sitting on a longhorn. so of course, i had to sit on the one that matched my outfit. the cow and i were doing just fine until mike stood alongside to get a picture. the cow did not like him standing there and started to hit us with his horns. i freaked a little.

the grounds were just beautiful. and they had stuff for kids everywhere, like playgrounds, bikes to rent, horse drawn carriage rides. we're coming back next summer and bringing sadie!

here we are at dinner one night. it was the tex-mex buffet and it was wonderful!
i ate too much...can you tell how puffy i look?!

they had two gardens, one for wildflowers and plants and one for butterflies. just beautiful!

and i loved the simple display of pumpkins by a huge tree

it was a perfect, relaxing weekend. we got great massages, worked out, took long walks, and slept!
but we were both sooooo glad to come back home and see our little girl. she showered us in kisses when we got home!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ebel skivers

they are these delish little filled pancake things that mike ate when he was a little kid in northern cali. so i got him the pan and mix from williams sonoma for his anniversary. and he made them last weekend...some filled with nutella (heaven on earth) and some with strawberry jam. they are addictive, i tell ya. the proud chef

and if you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that i've been on an organization kick as of late. well really always. but i finished the pantry last weekend, and it has made me so happy each time i open that door.

the mr. and i are leaving for our first vacation in 18 months! we're already a little sad to be leaving sadie belle, but she'll be in great hands. my sis and niece are coming to stay and my mom will be here too, so it will be fine. have a great weekend! i'll be back on monday...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what i wore wednesday

hey there! here's another installment of what i wore wednesday...go get more fashion inspiration at the pleated poppy and jewelscapes! i noticed two things this week 1) i wore a lot of skirts/dresses and 2)i am in major need of hair SICK of this same hair that i've had for 2 years. any ideas would be appreciated. and i'm not afraid of color or cut (just not too short), so give me your advice please ;)

outfit #1

black top-gap



love the button detailing down the back
outfit #2
green tank-target
grey cardi-forever 21
boyfriend jeans-gap
necklace/headband-motley handmade

outfit #3
purple top-gap
brown shrug-loft
boots-steve madden

outfit #4

outfit #5
grey tank-target
navy t-shirt-j crew
shoes-chinese laundry at marshall's
sweet little ladybug-all mine

outfit #6
scarf-not sure?
earrings and bracelets-compass

have a fantastic wednesday!