Friday, November 19, 2010

back to my roots

this has been a long, rough week. sadie got sick for the first time on tuesday. she started running a fever and by the time we got to the doctor, it was 104. i freaked! and she was so pitiful and felt so bad. so after 2 horrible nights of fever, a crying baby, and hardly any sleep, she is feeling much better today!!
so here is the picture for her 10 month old post! poor thing!
here are a few things about sadie at 10 months:
  • she weighs 22.4 pounds
  • she wears 12 month clothes but is getting too big for them
  • she eats baby food and any food we give her. she loves graham crackers especially!
  • she waves hi and bye
  • she says mama, dada, nana, byebye, and puppy
  • she has the cutest personality and is so loving and she loves giving kisses to her toys and family
  • she is 'cruising' around all the furniture and trying to stand up on her own
and yesterday i got my hair done! i decided to keep it long-er, nothing too different except some added layers on the cut.
here's the before...

and the after!!
i went dark! this is my natural hair color with a few lowlights added in. it's going to be way less maintenance and to be honest i'm over the hilights thing. had them for a long time.

what do you think?
happy friday!


  1. Your hair looks beautiful!!! I really like the brown with lowlights and as you say, it is much easier to manage until you get my age and the gray creeps in at the roots so regardless, I HAVE to color my hair about every 6 weeks!!!!! Take care....

  2. Love the darker hair. Very pretty! Sorry Sadie has been so sick. That is no fun for anyone. Hope you all get some rest this weekend!
    We will be in Waco later today at the OU v. Baylor game with some friends from church. I told them that we have to check out the store Spice while we are there. :)

  3. I love your hair! I went darker a few weeks ago. My husband is still getting used to it- but I love it! so much easier to maintain!

  4. Poor Sadie. I am glad that she is feeling better now though! I am a new mom (Kennedy is 4 weeks old) and I am very nervous about the first time she gets sick. And I LOVE your hair dark :)

  5. Cute new hair color!! I love the low maintenance of being darker too.