Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what i wore wednesday

hey there! here's another installment of what i wore wednesday...go get more fashion inspiration at the pleated poppy and jewelscapes! i noticed two things this week 1) i wore a lot of skirts/dresses and 2)i am in major need of hair help...so SICK of this same hair that i've had for 2 years. any ideas would be appreciated. and i'm not afraid of color or cut (just not too short), so give me your advice please ;)

outfit #1

black top-gap



love the button detailing down the back
outfit #2
green tank-target
grey cardi-forever 21
boyfriend jeans-gap
necklace/headband-motley handmade

outfit #3
purple top-gap
brown shrug-loft
boots-steve madden

outfit #4

outfit #5
grey tank-target
navy t-shirt-j crew
shoes-chinese laundry at marshall's
sweet little ladybug-all mine

outfit #6
scarf-not sure?
earrings and bracelets-compass

have a fantastic wednesday!


  1. I think youre beautiful! Im loving that purple/brown outfit combo. You looked great this week!:)

  2. I love the pencil skirt, flower necklace and scarf with the dress.

  3. Hi there,
    my name is Genn. I have never linked up to do the wiwww but I should. I just love clothes!
    I was taking a peek at everyone's link ups this morning and I just had to let you know that I LOVE your last outift. That black polka dot dress looks fabulous paired with the mustard scarf! And I love your boots too, and your bracelets. Rockin outfit!

    Have a great Wednesday! :)

  4. cute cute cute! you look amazing in the first outfit and love the last one too! i don't know what you're talking about with your hair--if you want to see some bad hair, click on my name. :( i'm just hoping mine will eventually look like yours!

  5. Just stoppin' by from WIWW. Love the red shoes with the black and white skirt and top in Outfit #1. I think the red makes it dramatic!

  6. I think it's great you wear skirts a lot--I find myself forgetting to do that since I live in y jeans all the time. All of your outfits are super cute--I love your accessories, especially your mustard scarf, it really pops against the black polka dot dress. Love the boots too.

    What a clever idea to wear a headband as a necklace!

  7. D...I LOVE every.single.outfit! I want to play in (steal from)YOUR closet girl! Now, you have inspired me to get outta the ugly Uggs and hooded sweater that I'm sporting!!!! ;) Oh...and your hair...I also love! I'm dying to do something, anything to mine?! If you get any good suggestions, pass them on to me! ha!

  8. you look great and it sure doesn't look like you just had a baby. loving all the outfits.


  9. Beautiful outfits! That first one is HOT!!! And the last one is just made fabulous with that bright scarf!
    Thank you so much for linking up to Jewelscapes Bejeweled Wednesdays!

  10. Your outfits are darling...so is that little ladybug!!

  11. Love the outfits...You are so beautiful!

    I have a funny story about a skirt like yours that I wore to work one day when I worked at the Mall selling diamonds at Helzberg. I went to lunch in the food court and sat on a metal chair that had a grid with little squares. I tried to get up to go back to work, and I was STUCK in the chair because one of my buttons had worked itself into the grid square. I couldn't move! I was embarrassed to ask for help so I kept wiggling and trying to get unstuck. Well...after awhile I reached my arm under the chair and kept pushing on the button (it looked like I was scratching my rear!) I thought I would die of embarrassment...I finally thought I would just stand up abruptly and maybe the button would tear off and I could be set free. I tried that and magically it just came loose. I hurried back to work and told everyone my story and gave all my co-workers a good laugh!

    Hey...I hadn't remembered that story...it makes me laugh as I was telling you now...but it wasn't funny to me then!

    Have a good day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  12. Such cute dresses! Love the yellow scarf, too!

  13. You are way cute! I love your outfits! Your long scarf it super cute too. Did you see the scarf tying post Lindsey just put up on Pleated Poppy? Reminded me of your scarf. Have a great day!

  14. I never have the nerve to do WIWW, but here I am visiting via "the pleated poppy"-which I LOVE. First, I love your hair and your style, but here is my recommendation as a cosmetologist by profession who understands the desire for change:
    1) beautiful mid neck A-line (if you have never tried one, FUN-easy-very stylish!
    2) chin length-mid neck tapered (from mid ear on sides and 2" below crown back) textured front & bang bob.
    3) shoulder length random chip and chunky straight cut.
    Hope these help. Great face shape for them. Have fun...cant wait to see what you decide ;-)

  15. Cute outfits my hands down fave is the wee one hanging on your cute ankle!!