Monday, November 29, 2010

real estate and menu monday

my mom and i are a real estate team. i've been a realtor for 6 years now and my mom for 18 i think. growing up i hated real estate because she would take me to show houses with her or have to work on holidays/days off. so it's pretty ironic that i became a realtor. some days i still waffle between enjoying it and hating it. ha! in fact, i seriously thought about just giving it up in 2011 and being a complete stay at home mom. but i determined that i like to work. i like the sense of accomplishment in having my job and making my own money (even though mike and i share all of what we make), i like putting on dress clothes sometimes instead of yoga pants and t shirts, and even though being a mommy is my first priority, i like having a working identity-does that make sense?

now i'm just rambling! but mom and i ordered our new business cards for the coming year and cute calendar magnets too with our new picture. and now i'm not blond anymore. oh well!

speaking of calendars, i'm in love with calendars, appointment books, schedulers, anything like that. i get giddy just thinking about what planner i'm going to get for next year! do you do that too?
and moving on with my random post, here is a funny picture from last week with the girls in our family. looks like trouble huh?!
now for my menu for the week:
monday-salmon cakes, mashed potates, peas
tuesday-chicken rotini soup, ham and grilled cheese sandwiches
wednesday-tilapia, sweet potatoes, caesar salad
thursday-spagetti and green beans
friday-chicken,broccoli & rice bake
and we'll be out of town for the weekend, so we'll eat out!
happy monday :)


  1. I'm excited! I think we will do great this year and Sadie can be our little assistant!!!
    Love the silly picture.

  2. wow--a lot changed in a few days! hope it all works out for you. even if you don't love doing it, at least you're good at it!
    that picture cracks me up...besides the fact that you can see my tonsils, i love how sadie's looking at us like we've lost our minds! ha!

  3. Great pic of you and your mother.