Wednesday, December 1, 2010

not what i wore wednesday

i just didn't feel like doing 'what i wore wednesday' today...i did take some pics of my outfits but they weren't all that great, so i'm not posting them. maybe next week will be better.
so instead i'm posting some of my favorite pictures over the last few weeks. enjoy!

and today i'm cleaning up, doing laundry, and i got two new books at the library for me and several for sadie!! can't wait to start reading.
have a great wednesday!


  1. i'm sure your outfits were adorable--they always are. but sometimes i get tired of posting mine and have to take a break. those pictures are so sweet. i love the one of her chubby little hands and i'll have to get a copy of the one of her and i--so sweet!

  2. Such cute pics! I like the one of Sadie's hands too and Susanne kissing her---you and Mike look pretty good too!