Sunday, December 12, 2010

eater eater

this baby girl LOVES to eat! i've been giving bites of big people food for awhile now, but have recently switched over almost completely to table food. (she still has baby fruit and cereal some mornings and usually some meat and veggie baby food at night)...but i have never seen a baby eat so many different foods. i'm thrilled about that!
tonight she had chicken and squash baby food, plus some fruit and then ate a ton of green beans and sweet potato that i had cooked. her little belly was sticking out because she had eaten so much!! at lunch i usually give her a turkey sandwich or grilled cheese and usually avocado with it. she adores avocado and shoves it in her mouth as fast as she can. but don't worry, i'm not overfeeding her. she definitely stops eating when she's full! but among the various types of foods she likes to put in her mouth, we have found some other interesting things in her mouth too. and she always acts sneaky when she's got something not edible in her mouth. like i have to pry her mouth open to see what's in there. so far, we've found two spiders (at two different times) with some legs missing. ha!! and today she was chewing on a used band-aid. gross!
but how can you be upset with a little angel face like this??

and for my 1/2 menu for the week...i hate it when payday is in the middle of the week because i have to wait until wed. or thurs. to do the rest of my grocery i only have meals planned until wednesday. here they are:

monday-roast at my grandmother's, salad, green bean casserole
tuesday-chicken bow tie pasta (my sis' yummy recipe)
wednesday-soft tacos with avocado, sour cream, and cheese

good night!


  1. oh no, spiders! I think I would have passed out. LOL
    She's too cute. I love the pink bow.

  2. Too funny! Jon just found Henry chomping on a blue crayon. Needless to say, his whole mouth was BLUE! Ha! Love those two bottom teeth!

  3. love those pictures and love that she's such a good eater! i hope she always stays that way (minus the spiders!)

  4. That's so great that she's eating well!

  5. Like your new blog background! Our little eater---it's so fun to see how she loves table food.