Thursday, December 16, 2010

11 months

first of all, look at my sweet sadie belle SIX MONTHS AGO! i can't even believe how much she's changed, and how different she'll look in 6 more months! and here she is today. eleven months ago today i became a mama. it has been the most tiring, overwhelming, beautiful, and fantastic eleven months of my life.
she has made me more patient and selfless and so proud!
here are a few things about sadie at 11 months:
  • she is so loving. she loves to give kisses to her animals and to her books.
  • she weighs close to 24 pounds (i think)
  • she wears 12-18 months clothes
  • she is in between a 4 and 5 in shoes
  • she isn't shy and loves to be held by family and long as mama is in view!

(i was trying to get a picture of her and her frog and this is what i got!)

  • she loves to eat new things and is off baby food, except for some fruit in the mornings
  • she is walking
  • she says mama, dada, nana, oh yeah, no no, hi, puppy, and bye
  • she still loves baby einstein and likes to watch it in her play yard while she plays with her toys
  • she is all over the place and into everything! i spend most of my day chasing and/or picking up after her!
  • she is really into closing doors right now
  • she loves bath time and like to snuggle in her pajamas at nighttime
  • she is sleeping 10 hours straight before wanting a bottle, then sleeps another 2 hours usually
  • she is precious and we love her so much!


  1. Oh so adorable....and it all just keeps getting BETTER! :)

    Love your snowy home and S's little name w/ ribbons over her bead! Cute!

  2. she has changed so much! still just as adorable. i can't wait to hear her say all those words! and i'm so glad she's such a good sleeper and eater for you!!!

  3. I think we are raising the same child. So many similarities!