Monday, December 6, 2010

sadie gets her ears pierced

today miss sadie belle got her ears pierced. i wanted to do it while she was still a baby and wouldn't remember, but i had been struggling whether i wanted to go to claire's or if it would be too germy. but it was really great! you pick out the earrings you want and they have individual plastic guns to pierce each ear so it's completely sanitary. and the girl wore gloves and disinfected everything, so i was happy.
here's sadie and daddy before. doesn't he look nervous?
she was not wanting to sit still in the chair

checking out what josie (our ear piercer) was doing

these next pics completely cracked me up!! what was that expression on my face?! worry for my baby girl or do i have something in my teeth i'm trying to pick out? hilarious. and look at poor sadie too.

and this one...i was probably in the middle of telling mike "don't take a picture right now."
and sadie after the first ear

going for the second ear

she really did great though!! a few minutes of crying and she was fine.
i'm glad that's over.
happy monday!


  1. I am so jealous!!!! I have been dying to get my baby girl's ears pierced and my husband wont let me... boo. you'll have to update if she's leaving them alone, etc.

  2. those are the funniest pictures!
    we're so excited for sadie (now that will give us something else to buy for her!! heehee)